Thursday, 4 March 2010

Letter from the Blogger . . .

When I was around seven years old I was convinced that I would have five different jobs and this is the way I would organise them; on a Monday I would be a policewoman, challenging criminals all over the world; Tuesday I would work with NASA occasionally going on space missions when my other jobs allowed me a week or two off; each Wednesday I would perform in a Cirque du Soleil show as a trapeze artist and ballerina on alternate weeks; I always thought of Thursday as a day to get things done, so naturally I would be a event co-ordinator - weddings, parties and corporate dinners all would be in my repertoire of planned occasions; and finally, Fridays would be the days when I would edit my magazine.

All of this I would do whilst having three children who play a sport and instrument each (at least) and a husband who would have a career as equally fulfilling as my own.

Naturally, since then my wishes have become slightly more realistic however, the same amount of ambition which I possessed when I was a mere seven years old has prevailed until now.

I have a firm belief in numerous clich├ęs - if you don't ask you don't get, you have to watch your back because no-one will watch it for you and what goes around comes around. These are the three sayings which I attempt to remember each day.

Success is what most people are after. Of course no-one got anywhere good without taking a couple of tumbles along the way as it is from these tumbles that we learn how to get it right. This is what Haute Future and I strive for. Getting the tumbles out of the way, and becoming successful enough to keep a family, contribute regularly to charities and allow oneself a couple of luxuries here and there by the time I am ready for such responsibilities.

It is my belief that it is the whole person and not only one factor which makes this possible. A person should be well informed on everything from famous historical dates to pop-culture. They should dress well and read the newspapers. They should find an opportunity in everyday life to learn, but they should also be prepared to pass on the knowledge which they acquire.

In four words; I want it all. And I want it for all my readers also.

Watch this space,



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