Thursday, 12 April 2012

Guest Feature: North American Fashion by Rachel and Her Journal...

Now for our fifth guest post since I decided to take my blog break. My close friend Rachel and I met in our first year of university, and she is absolutely fantastic. By being friends with her I was introduced to a bunch of other great people, and even though I HATE nights out, when I'm with her and the others I always have a fab time :) Anyway, she ditched me for the year to study in Canada so I thought I would use her jet-setting in order to get an insight into a noted presumption that North America doesn't 'do' fashion. This has been an opinion that has long been disputed purely because it would appear that in the USA and Canada the ladies tend not to follow trends, or demonstrate a huge amount of personal style, choosing instead to opt for a more classic yet casual look. Of course, that is JUST a stereotype, and you all know how much we hate stereotypes here at HauteFuture. So when I was in the USA last summer, I realized that the timeless look which North American fashion is known for, is a look worth working. Never got round to writing the post myself, so Rach agreed to do it for me! If you'd like to rock a North American-inspired fuss-free yet attractive look, then check this out...


After taking the plunge and moving to the city of Vancouver last summer I’ve had plenty of time to become acquainted with the styles and trends of Canada’s west coast. I want to give you a brief insight to Canadian fashion as I have experienced it during the last year.

A common misconception held about Canada is that it doesn’t have its own high street clothing brands. Sure, you don’t walk into Canadian shopping malls to find multi-storey Topshop and River Island giants like you do in the UK, but that doesn’t mean that Canada is lacking in fashionable stores. And it’s not all lumberjack shirts and ice hockey jerseys over here either!

I’ve fallen in love with the Canadian fashion store Aritzia whose SS12 collection of crisp shirts and cropped floral-print blazers has seriously impressed me. Aritzia’s price tags are its only downfall but their high quality clothing is worth the expense and most of my Canadian friends mix and match one of their pieces with other clothes from the equally popular Forever 21.

Vancouver born denim maker Triarchy is another brand I’ve recently discovered and am seriously lusting after. Their SS12 collection of powdery pastel coloured jeans makes a refreshing change from the saturated raspberry red denim of last winter.


Canada’s stunning landscape has cultivated a great love of the outdoors and Canadian fashion reflects this. Lululemon and Roots are exceptionally popular stores which both sell stylish athletic apparel and outdoor active wear that Canadian’s wear on a day-to-day basis.

Here's me rocking Canadian fashion... Top: GarageShorts: GarageParka: Forever 21Collar: Forever 21Ring: Forever 21Belt: H&M and Wellingtons: Hunter

It seems that one of the most important aspects of Canadian fashion is practicality. The winters here are harsh and you literally can’t wear, I quote my Canadian friend here, ‘silly little European shoes’. I noticed this winter most girls wearing a tough pair of knee high boots or a brightly coloured pair of Hunter wellies.

A faux fur coat would be a total disaster here. You’d go out for a day and come home looking like a drowned racoon. Because when it rains in Vancouver, oh my, it RAINS! A wardrobe staple is a cute waterproof in a paintbox bright colour to cheer up the gloomy days. 

The parka jacket is also a big deal in Vancouver at the moment. Girls wear this grunge classic with woolly tights and faded denim to create a perfect 90’s inspired look.

 The trend here is to keep clothing simple, yet chic and stylish at the same time. A well-cut blazer and a pair of skinny jeans is a popular combination and I’ve seen girls dress this look up with a ‘pop’ of colour in a bright shirt or dress this look down with a washed-out graphic tee and a pair of furry moccasins.

Agreeably the day-to-day fashion that I’ve seen on the streets of Vancouver has seemed a little less adventurous than what I’m used to seeing back home. But this is, of course, a sweeping statement and does not refer to everybody. The point that I’m trying to make is that Canadian’s don’t flit from one trend to the next in quite the same rapid succession as seen in the UK. They know the styles that work for them and enjoy turning practical pieces into something fun.

Shopping in Vancouver is excellent. The beautiful, fairy light lit Robson Street is the place to find all the brands you know and Metrotown, Canada’s second largest shopping mall, is only a few Skytrain stops away. From vintage shopping on Main Street to independent upscale boutiques in Yaletown and Gastown, it is safe to say that Vancouver has got your shopping needs covered. With beaches and ski resorts only a stone’s throw from the city centre I fully recommend Vancouver as the ultimate city break destination!


Well, I don't know about you guys, but having checked out some of the stores mentioned above online, I'm going shopping in Canada! Haha, I wish, right? Anyway, I've loved reading this post because its really broken a barrier in my opinion. It's not that North American's don't have fashion sense, only that theirs is different than ours, and I think Rach's pictures have proven that there is NOTHING wrong with rocking a different look and sometimes less is more. Reckon I'd feel way more comfortable in a parka and Hunters than in my pencil skirt and six-inch booties... Go check out Rachel's fantastic blog at Rachel and Her Journal. She's only recently started the page up, so please be supportive and hit 'Follow' :)

So what do you reckon, is Canadian style one worth rocking? How would you compare North American style with that of the UK? Can you buy me a parka? Haha, only joking... a bit.

Got another guest post lined up, but still hunting for a couple more posters, so please get in touch if you're interested, boy or girl, blogger or not! Check out my guidelines for guest bloggers here and send me an email, can't wait to hear from you :)