Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Haute Body: British Pole Dance Academy Part 2...

Hey guys!

Hoping you checked out Part 1 of my British Pole Dance Academy Review because this is Part 2 and you'll be all lost if you didn't... only joking :) I'll catch you up; 1) I'm starting a new feature called 'HauteBody' 2) I've started Pole Dancing Classes (!) 3) This is Part 2 of my review of said Pole Dancing Classes. Up to speed? Good.

So, lesson two was even more fab than lesson one! Thankfully I knew exactly where I was going this time and managed to make it about five minutes early. This allowed me to chat to some of the ladies before I threw myself (literally) into the warm up lead by a sexy brunette lady whose name escapes me... so rude :( I did feel slightly odd as fellow blogger Victoria's Vintage was there watching me shake my booty and strut my stuff, but I soon got into it and managed to build up a sweat before I even hit the pole! The warm up consisted of a variety of muscle stretches (mostly on the upper body as obviously it's all don't to your arms to carry your fat a*s up the pole later on...), there was also bouncing from side to side using the hips and then a couple of floor exercises.

Once this was over, I headed to Hollie who was the beginners instructor who I was taught by in my previous lesson and happily was approached by the lovely Deb... Despite this only being my second lesson, it seemed that Deb noticed I wasn't struggling too much with the moves and she asked if I was confident to move up a level! Whilst flattered I was a bit apprehensive and said to her, 'I'm not sure... I don't want to fail then be sent back...' Deb simply laughed and effectively told me to man up, but with much kinder words of course.

Turns out I needn't have worried, whilst the intermediate moves were more of a challenge, I seemed to cope quite well! My pole-partner insisted this must be because on my 'gymnastic-induced bendiness' as she waved her arms around in the air. Deb and I laughed so hard. Seriously, that's something you don't expect... the British Pole Academy is a fab workout for the abs, not only because of the core strength required to support your body weight, but also because of the laughing you do! When a girl gets a move right, everyone stops and claps, and when someone suffers a pole-injury everyone is either A) very sympathetic or B) wetting themselves laughing depending on which is the appropriate response of course. For example, when a certain lady managed to break the WHOLE NAIL off her baby toe we all applauded her as we looked at the injured toe... luckily she was fine so naturally we all rolled about laughing, shocked at her fantastic recovery!

Before I knew it, it was time for the cool down and my body was glad for it. My muscles had been shaking for the last five minutes of the class, so I was happy to sit on the floor and fold in half.

One thing that I love so much about The British Pole Academy is the fact that it all feels like one great big happy family, and why shouldn't it? These ladies (led by Deb) virtually built the studio and the business from scratch so it means a lot to them. If you don't believe me, check the scrapbook in the lounge area of the room and see the photographs showing the shell the studio started off as. The care for customers in terms of safety, fun, and even finance by offering such cheap classes, are just three examples where this care is shown. The British Pole Academy is personal and professional all at once, and this is why I love it so much.

Just a couple of tips for anyone wishing to try pole-dancing for fitness...

1) Wear something inconspicuous. If you show up wearing jogging bottoms, you'll be noticed more than if you have tiny shorts on baring the thighs you've grown to hate. Trust me!
2) Make sure you complete both the warm-up and cool-down to the best of your ability. Your body will thank you because if you don't you're likely to injure yourself during the class and be aching for much longer for the next couple of days.
3) Make sure you hunt around for the best dance school. Most of the best ones will allow you a free trial, and don't pay in a block before knowing that you definitely want to attend lessons on a regular basis.
4) Don't take yourself too seriously. If you want to strut around the pole super-slutty or do huge outrageous over-exaggerated moves just because you saw them on Burlesque then go for it! Pole is very personal to everyone, with each student being there for a different reason... you're paying for it, so make sure you get what you want out of the class.
5) Find your style. Everyone has one. My style is more ballet than anything else although I do have a burlesque-esque vision in my head of how I'd like to look. Others wish to have a more athletic stance whilst some girls clearly want to bring out their inner-ho and you know what, that's all fine!  

To conclude, the class was absolutely awesome and I will be going back later on this week. My first two lessons were gifted by Deb, however, from now onwards I will be attempting to attend The British Pole Academy at least once a week at a detriment to my own wallet which proves I find this to be a perfectly worth-while spend... At just £6 an hour how could it not be? To book with the BPA call Deb on 07884423234.

Have you ever tried pole dancing classes? What do you think about exploring sexuality whilst getting in a good exercise? Have you heard of any other fun ways of getting a good work-out?

Thanks for reading guys :) Stay tuned for more HauteBody posts, one of which I'm planning right now...
On that mystery, I'll leave you :P


  1. You've really made me want to do this Gabbi! I'd probably be awful as my fat arms won't hold my weight lol but it sounds so fun! Definitely going to look into it for when I'm home! Hope you're okay babes and thanks for your massive haul videos for giving me a break from work earlier :P even though I shouldn't have! xo


    1. Oh don't be silly I'm sure you're arms are much nicer than you think they are! But you should definitely try it out, it was so much fun and makes you feel so confident. Plus everyone is so nice, having a great laugh. I dare you to try it! Let me know what you think...