Tuesday, 31 January 2012

IMATS 2012... 2 Fab Offers!

Hey guys!

Since my last IMATS 2012 post I've been getting myself all hyped up for this weekend and I absolutely cannot wait... What to wear, where to spend, what classes to attend? So many questions and I'm sure all will become clear by Sunday night when I should be tired out from covering the show all weekend, all I know is that I'm a ball of excitement right now and having sorted with my pal Emily that I will be staying with her it seems like its all real.

Anyways, the main reason I'm posting this is because of two fab offers I wanted to make you all aware of regarding IMATS 2012 which you'll definitely be wanting to snap up if you're attending.

Firstly, famed body painter Einat Dan and Emmy-winner Valente Frazier will be presenting a four-hour workshop each on Friday which will provide the twenty students allowed in with a one-of-a-kind insight into these two specialisms. With Dan focusing on commercial and editorial looks whilst Frazier teaches the red carpet glamour inspired looks which he has previously created on the likes of Rihanna, Iman and Tyra Banks, these tickets are sure to be snapped up very soon. Especially because those who purchase a ticket for either of these classes will be exclusively admitted into the pro-only event on the day beginning at 2pm and ending at 7pm. So how much is this fantastic opportunity about to set you back? For the pleasure of getting a sneak-peek at the show, shopping without crowds and networking with some of the biggest names in make-up artistry, you need only spend £195! A fantastic opportunity for anyone who is serious about IMATS 2012. For more information on this bargainous couple of sessions head over to the IMATS Masterclass Page to get signed up!

Secondly, a freebie which anyone can enjoy at the show The VIP Lounge will be offering the 'royal treatment' with a selection of food and beverages available, plus mani-massage treatment indulgences. In conjuction with makeup411.com and Royal and Langnickel IMATS are putting The VIP Lounge on so that guests may rest and unwind while learning about what's new and exciting in the make-up world. The VIP Lounge will be open for business on Saturday the 4th February from 10am-4pm, so make sure you run along and check it out for a spot of pampering... you deserve it.

I will soon be writing about my plans for the show... where I'm going to go, what I'm hoping to buy etc. As a total IMATS virgin, I have absolutely no idea what to expect so I'm hoping to find some other bloggers out there who I may be able to tag along with. I'm sure I'll enjoy myself either way!

Are you going to the International Makeup Artist Trade Show? Have you ever been to a similar event? What trends should I be on the look-out for when I'm shopping the stalls?

Thanks for reading guys... can't wait to be reporting IMATS as it happens.

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