Tuesday, 21 February 2012

HauteFuture Needs You!

Hey guys!

So I'm writing this post because if you've been reading recently then you'll see that I've recently had to decide to take a big long blog-break which is really sad for me :( If you didn't know, please check out this post: http://hautefuture.blogspot.com/2012/02/we-are-on-break.html. Anyways, it is for this reason that I have decided to accept guests posts during my break. What I hope to gain by doing this is: 

1) To make sure my poor blog doesn't look barren and unloved
2) To give some of my fellow bloggers access to my followers
3) To get bloggers who like my page (and their followers) to be more interactive with me

Basically there are only a few 'requirements' of guesting on my page. Firstly, I try and make HauteFuture seem as professional as physically possible. This means using only original photos (none 'borrowed' from other websites and blogs unless approved and accredited), I like photos in virtually every post as they catch people's eye on the News Feed and I like the photos to be quite clear although they obviously don't need to look like a photography expert took them haha. The quality of the writing style and language used means a lot to me on my page. I literally do not tolerate swearing practically at all. Sometimes I'll put a naughty word with asterixes in the middle eg. 's**t'. However, I try not to use these words hardly ever, and when I do they're in a kind of flippant or off-hand way as a joke rather than aggressively. Ideally I'd prefer for my guests to avoid these words completely if at all possible. As for the quality and style of the piece, check out my page: http://hautefuture.blogspot.com/ to see the sort of 'standard' I work at. Obviously, there are always a couple of rascally typos that slip through the net, but generally I tend to draft then proof-read my posts to make sure that they read as well as they can. This means not using sentences that are too long, words that are too long/in the wrong context, punctuation errors etc. I will obviously proof-read and perhaps slightly edit if necessary the pieces you send to me but I will send you any editions that I make to confirm that you feel like you're still being truly represented. I will hopefully not have to make too many changes though, as explained in my WE ARE ON A BREAK post, I don't have a lot of spare time at the moment!

Now enough of the 'rules' haha, I want this to be fun! So what am I looking for? What do I hope to achieve by having guests on my blog? Well, I've noticed that a lot of people run 'interview' posts while others just allow the guests to write whatever they want. I don't want my guest posts to be cliche and I also want them to have some kind of structure. So I was brain-storming a bit and then I though YES that's the point... Bloggers have brains. I'm so sick of the stereotypes that bloggers are just dumb bimbos who don't care about anything bar mascara, mini-skirts and macaroons (because cupcakes are sooooo out!) A couple of times I've had hater comments telling me how 'shallow', 'unintelligent' and 'spoilt' we are, and how if we only opened our beautifully made-up eyes for two seconds we'd see a world of pain around us blablabla. So I want to do something to prove that bloggers have brains AND hearts, by giving them a platform to express their social conscience. Sound complicated? Well, it's really not... let me explain how we can translate beauty, fashion and lifestyle to things that 'matter'. 

Here are some examples of posts which I'd like to see... if you can think of other ideas then I really welcome them! The more the merrier...

- Human hair extentions
- Animal testing
- Animal hair in make-up brushes
- Tanning 
- Children being beautified eg. Toddlers and Tiaras/salons for kiddies

- Fad diets
- Supplements/diet pills 
- Body image

- Sweat shops
- Real fur versus faux fur

- Non-mainstream interests (in music, film, books)
- Self-improvement
- Making money go further in the recession
- Bisexuality
- Home-made gifts versus shop-bought

Like I say, these are just some ideas and anyone is welcome to run with them! I want the blogger to be passionate about the piece she chooses and I want her to know her topic inside out. What I mean here is, if you've never used hair extensions before then don't write about the humans versus synthetic hair topic. Similarly, although I wouldn't want the gory details of a bisexual experience you've indulged in (although more power to you sister!), if you've never considered your sexuality in depth then please don't write about bisexuality.

I don't want these pieces to be telling people, 'Don't do that' or 'Do do this'. I want them to look like a sensible argument which takes into consideration both sides of the story, but ends with your personal opinion. I'd like the pieces to be quite short (less than 500 words) so you don't have A LOT of space to work with, but as intelligent young women I'm sure you'll be able to put across your points eloquently :) I don't mind the pieces being 'controversial' perhaps one of you out there believes that animal testing has numerous benefits. However, I don't want any of the pieces to discriminate or be prejudiced towards anyone... For example, if you choose to run with with 'home-made versus shop-bought' gift idea, please don't say something like, 'Shop bought gifts are thoughtless and impersonal and anyone that does this has not imagination.' Instead, say 'Home-made gifts are thoughtful, more personal and show that your imaginative and creative side.'

I know these points are kind of obvious to everyone out there, but I thought I should say them as I know that some bloggers out there have a different tack with things like this than I do. I don't want my page to be biased (even if I don't agree with your stance but you've argued your point well, I'll feature it!) and I don't want my readers to think that I'm handing my blog over to a bunch of guests who have no idea what HauteFuture is all about. 

In terms of photos, it's pretty easy really. If you want to write about animal testing put a picture of you and your pet, and you wearing a face full of make-up (whether from anti or pro animal testing brands depending on your stance). If you are posting about faux versus real fur, post a picture with your wearing your fave fur coat. If you're posting about body image, perhaps draw a picture of a 'perfect' body, or if you're feeling really brave, post a bikini picture of your own (class is important though!)

Finally, I would like any guests to my blog to do a mini post on their own site saying something like 'Check out my fab guest post over at HauteFuture' with a link to my blog, and also to tweet and post on Facebook (if you have a Facebook page for your blog) about it too, all complete with links. In return for this, I will of course link your blog and write a sentence or two about why I love it at the beginning or end of your post. 

So where do we go from here? I would like to schedule one guest post per week, so I'd like you all to email me to show that you're interested with a few little details...

1) Your name
2) Your Twitter
3) Your blog Facebook (if you have one)
4) Your blog link
5) Your top two favorite topics to write about from the list or from your own imagination :) 
6) A deadline for when you think you can have the piece written by

My email address is: hautefuture@gmail.com

Once again thank you for all of the support I've had recently from everyone out there. I know this post has been an absolute essay, but things are really hard since I've decided to take my break and kind of 'handing over the mic' on my page is a big deal and I'd like to make sure that my faithful followers are seeing guest posts which are true to the image which I've given HauteFuture. I hope that makes sense! Thank you so much for agreeing to help me, it means so much!

Hope to hear from your all soon...

ps. Even if you've NEVER blogger before, I still want to hear from you!


  1. I did initially sign up to guest post Hun but I can't see any of the suggested post bring up my street! To be honest I like mascara and macaroons and skirts (possibly midi rather than mini!) I don't think that makes me shallow but that's what I like to blog about- fashion and beauty. If your looking for someone who wants to discuss weighty issues, it's prob not what my blogs about.

    Good luck with it all the same- Jenna

    1. No worries Jen, I've have had a great response from everyone else so I'm pretty content at the moment.

      I love mascara, mini-skirts and macaroons too. I'm sure most fashion and beauty bloggers do. I wasn't suggesting that we actually ARE shallow, rather that the stereotype is that we might be (as suggested by all of the hater stuff out there at the moment) and this guest feature idea is all about breaking that stereotype and proving that there is more to fashion, beauty, health and lifestyle than just solely the aesthetics of what Vogue tells us to do.

      This isn't a request for fashion and beauty bloggers to post about issues of the world which have nothing to do with out main interest. But to show that our main interest does have some kind of impact on some of the issues out there, and vice-versa.

      Of course, if you aren't passionate about any of those issues, then I don't expect you to write, as I mentioned in the post. Having said that, I did also mention that bloggers are welcome to come up with their own ideas, particularly if nothing in the list provided catches their eye, and I've been lucky to have a handful of my guests come up with their own fab ideas. Furthermore, the 'non-mainstream interests' suggestion is an area which I'm sure most bloggers out there could have found something to write about, as most of us have other hobbies and passions outside of the norm. For example, I'm pretty obsessed with country music and fashion... I could have done a beauty tutorial with this style in mind.

      Nonetheless, I am looking for bloggers who are prepared to discuss how fashion and beauty are very relevant to the world around us, and obviously if you don't feel like you can confidently do that, I commend you for letting me know now rather than writing a mediocre piece.

      Thanks for taking the time to reply, Jen! I'm sorry you can't guest, but I appreciate your honesty :)


  2. Replies
    1. Get involved Tess! :D Thanks for your feedback!