Monday, 18 April 2011

Make It, Don't Fake It, Earn the Benefits, Avoid the Consequences...

I know, I know. I haven't blogged in a while, so sue me. Things have been busy recently, but let me promise you, Dear Reader, not a day goes by that I don't think of you and my beautiful neglected blog, wishing and praying to God that one day I will have enough time on my extremely-full hands to pass on the mini-pearls of wisdom which I stumble across unexpectedly each day.
So am I any less busy than I have been these past few months? No. Have I been overcome by my uncontrollable yearning to tell you about the mundane activities which have mostly filled my time? Again, no. So why on earth have I chosen today, of all days, to relaunch myself into the stratosphere of online media? Well, perhaps I have a message.
I have spent an awful lot of time recently watching vlogs on Youtube, reading blogs on the internet and keeping up with all sorts of characters across the globe via social networks. Well, perhaps not all sorts, but at least those who share similar interests to me; media, fashion, beauty, hard-work, pursuing ones passion etcetera. Anyways, just the other day I was hunting down a tutorial on the mighty Youtube (which by the way I have recently realized offers a wealth of beauty advice if you know how to word your topic in the search bar, but that's a story for another blog...) I wanted simply to find out if there are any alternative ways of using Eye Bright by benefit cosmetics. As it turns out, there are about a million different ways in which this product can be used... really a sensible investment for your make-up train, but again, that's a story for another blog also.
After watching a couple of helpful tutorials, I couldn't help but click on a video whose title caught my eye. Entitled 'Warning - Fake Benefit Cosmetics' this video features the online beauty 'guru' Chyaz Samuel, 20, expressing her disgust upon the receipt of some false benefit cosmetics which were sent to her following a purchase she had made on ebay. The vlogger, who goes by the screen name of punkchyaz, ordered two items, BADgal eyeliner and BADgal mascara, for discounted prices.
It was clear when these items arrived that the products which would usually retail at £14 and £16.50 respectively had not been sold to her, but rather she had received two false and unconvincing duplicates of the genuine products. Naturally, Samuel was not very happy with this transaction and managed to get her money back for both products.
Following this, I clicked through to another vlog which was actually a review by a different 'guru' entitled 'fake benefit thrrrob - ebay!' In this video, the 20 year old vlogger who goes by the screen name 'M3Lchann3l' tells the story of a similar experience where a fake product arrived in the disguise of a poorly-executed rip-off of benefit's statement beautiful packaging. This beauty 'guru' on the other hand actually didn't mind about the fact that she had been sent a fake, but was content with the quality and price of the item which she had been sent. She was merely bemused by the fact that someone out there had taken advantage of not only herself, but also the brand, benefit, in order to make a fast buck.
Samuel's message is clear; beware of ordering beauty products from anyone other than the company themselves, or a reputable vendor. And rightly so, considering the danger which she believes herself to have narrowly avoided; upon receipt she noted that the mascara stank of 'strong chemicals and alcohol', looked 'like paint', was 'dangerous' and 'should not be put near eyes'. Her anger is clear, and the fact that Samuel made the successful effort to claim back her money from the seller is the only somewhat redeemable quality countering the fact that she bought this item in the first place.
So, lesson learned. But what about those who missed Samuel's video and skipped straight to 'M3Lchann3l's video which expresses only the message 'it might not be real, but it works.'
Whilst Samuel was 'disgusted' at the risk these sellers are putting people at, I am disgusted with those who are buying from them too.
Before I continue this rant, let me clear some things up for you. If I don't go into this now, there will be those out there who will presume 'Oh, its OK for her, she probably gets free products, or asks daddy for some money to be able to afford the real products'. This is completely untrue. I work four jobs in order to feed what I refer to as my 'habit' for fashion, beauty, eating-out etcetera. To be able to afford my daily benefit foundation "hello flawless!" I have to work for five hours which is one whole shift. I earn the right to be hacked off at those who help the horrible rip-off merchants out there to continue screwing over my favorite cosmetic brand by purchasing these vile knock-offs.
We have all been there when someone else takes the credit for the hard work which we have put in, haven't we? Now imagine that the evil person behind that betrayal is lazy, uneducated in our field, and taking advantage of the people too innocent to know any better; putting their health at risk, robbing them blind and falsely advertising using our name in order to get ahead against all the odds.
This is sickening.
I wanted to write this blog in order to let everyone know to avoid these vultures as much as possible, and also to exercise your better judgement when confronted with the naivety of those out there who like 'M3Lchann3l' will not fully understand the negative consequences of what is effectively theft until it is too late.
If you cannot afford a product then work for it. If you don't want to work for it, then perhaps you need to reconsider your lifestyle, but please by no means consider handing your money over to these cowboys.
You've been warned...
Ciao for now

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