Thursday, 21 April 2011

SPRING Clean Time!

There are many of you out there who are not aware of my most recent project and the reasons why I have taken this on... I guess you could call it a secret which I am now ready to reveal, so you heard it here first; I'm moving home to Stoke-On-Trent next year!
No, I'm not dropping out of uni and pursuing my life-long ambition of searching for a wealthy old man to leave me his fortune following a mysterious and unexpected death. I will be commuting! As this will be my final year at the University of Birmingham I have found myself having to actually make life plans... scary stuff, I know! So next year, due to an assortment of reasons including saving for my masters course, many of my friends heading off for years abroad and the fact that I seem to keep taking on too much in Birmingham whereas here I know my dad will keep me in check, I have made the decision to sacrifice my independence for one last year before entering the big, bad world of horror also known as 'Being a Grown-Up'.
Remind me why I'm telling you my life story? Ah yes, my new project. Thanks to my Big Decision (which, by the way, my mother is trying to persuade me against - I never realized her reluctance to have me at home during sixth form so this must be a new thing) I have finally been faced with the first of what I am sure will be a-million-and-one dilemmas. To which am I referring? Dilemma Number 1: The Dilemma of the Box Room, of course.
Now, might I snipe rather bitterly that this is a problem I would not be facing if my parents hadn't handed my spacious double bedroom of 12 years or so over to my younger sister literally as soon as I moved into halls. Nonetheless, I am a proactive girl with a can-do attitude so let's not dwell but move forward. Although they really should have saved my room. All I'm saying.
Bygones-be-bygones blah blah blah. So all this has resulted in me beginning my latest project of turning a box bedroom into a storage-filled, chic, study bedroom. Unlikely right? Well, you can do anything you set your mind to, doncha know? My initial plans have begun, and although they have been met with disdain from my mom, I am absolutely convinced that I can make it happen!
How? Well, it will involve one of those beds which is raised like a bunk-bed which you see often in a child's bedroom, making the most of literally every piece of floor space and hopefully roping my granddad in to build shelves and wardrobes in sizes not offered in stores... but I am adamant I can make it work.
My vision; you will walk into my room and to the right you will see a white set of drawers which I already have... actually they are my parents' but I'm swapping mine with theirs I think. On top of these drawers on the right side there will be stacked, fabric storage drawers similar to these although I'm not sure what color to go for...
On the left hand side of the storage drawers there will be a massive frameless mirror nailed to the wall with all of my perfumes and everyday beauty products on the white drawers in front of it. Above this mirror I will probably need a book shelf to keep all my beauty books and the season's magazines. To the left of the set of drawers there will be a very narrow wardrobe like this;
except mine will have a full-body length mirror on the front and on the inside of the door. I want a mirror on both sides as mirrors make small rooms look bigger and reflect the light in a pretty way. Usually one on the front of the wardrobe would be enough but because my room is so small, if I want to check out my reflection in a new outfit, I would have to stand too close which is just inconvenient and detrimental to the overall effect. This way I can open the wardrobe door (which will cover the window behind it) and stand by the door to check my ass out :-) Success! Moving on...
So now we will be directly opposite my bedroom door which is where you will find the window. The way the sun shines in through the window it should really catch the mirror and make the room look a whole lot lighter. I am leaning towards having thick black and gold patterned curtains a little like these...
This is because I'm liking the idea of a black, white and gold theme, plus because of the side of my house where this bedroom is, it is really difficult to nap during the day with a thin curtain set as the sunlight just streams straight in which is, as you can imagine, very annoying. Plus, I think that color scheme is kind of sophisticated yet warm which is exactly what I am going for!
So after the curtains you will find the side of a tall white book-case which reaches just higher than the top of the bed. I want this book-case like this so that when I am up on the bed I have a shelf within reaching distance where I can put my current magazines, books-for-pleasure, cell-phone and charger and iPod docking station. Also, the bookcase will be perfectly placed so that when I am under the bed in the 'study area' all of my course books are right where I need them. The book shelf will be narrow enough so that it doesn't cover the window or the radiator beneath for safety reasons.
That's enough about the book shelf because right next to it is the head of my bed and hence the ladder! I will sleep with my head nearest the window and the bookshelf with my feet towards the same wall where my door is. I want a white wooden bed stand kind of similar to this one, although this girl obviously has an abundance of space in her room. Ugh, jealous.
I would like the underneath part of my bed as much like this as possible... However, the desk wont be able to come out any further than the side of the bed, and it will need to be shallower, just deep enough to hold my laptop and an A4-sized piece of paper in front of it for in case I need to take notes. Long-ways the desk should be big enough to hold a big open book next to my laptop, a desk lamp, plus a little stationary pot for loose pens and what not. Under the desk will be a shallow drawer where my stationary will be organised. My printer will probably be kept on the floor underneath the desk next to a little waste-paper bin. I will have a little white desk chair and I really love this one as it fits in with the rest of the white wooden furniture but also has wheels on it for when I want to slide across to my mirror to do my make-up in the mornings. Plus it would tuck perfectly under the desk!
Behind the desk chair (and next to the book shelf) I would like a cushioned, comfy-looking sofa-style chair so I can curl up with a book when I need to. I haven't spotted any in particular that I like or think would fit, but something with a black throw and some gold cushions might be nice...
I want gold fairy lights all over my ceiling and in as many places as physically possible and will probably go with a white lamp shade to keep things as light as possible.
Anyway, I'm a long way from that at this stage. But still, I started working towards the dream today by clearing out all of my drawers, getting rid of clothes I no longer need and throwing out all of my old papers and trinkets which just make the place look like a pig sty. Basically making the most of the Spring Clean Cliche. Plus, it seems that my cream carpet should be going down within the next couple of weeks which is great! Following that I'm going to get the walls painted in a kind of just-off-white-nearly-cream color. I know what you're thinking 'White, cream, gold???' In which case I would tell you to open your eyes and check the latest collections on the high street and catwalk. Mixing shades of white was once somewhat taboo, but those days are no more, and hell, how glad am I? This totally works in my favor because my room should look like a regal haven of class and minimalist sophistication. Black, cream, gold and white. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
Let me know what you think...


  1. Hey Gabbi!
    Love your ideas, and it's impressive how much you can do with so little space :D Nice job! I'm sorry you didn't recover your old bedroom, but I'm happy you are taking it so well, positive and as an opportunity for making new projects.
    I really look up to you in the sense that you know what you want and what you need to do to get it. You have always been very proactive and it's inspiring.
    Anyway chick, just wanted to say hi, tell you i'm an avid reader of your blog and ask you if you have seen the tutorial by a make up artist called Lisa Eldridge, she is a a professional make up artist, she makes up the models for Vogue and some important movies and music stars, and she is british! So her tutorials are so smooth with that pretty accent you guys have. She is also lovely and does very interesting tutorials, this week she took upon vintage make up (and no im not being paid to promote her, lol, tho it may seem like it, i just really like her work) and i think you would like it:

    Another make up artist you may like, if you dont already know her:
    Sarah Victor, funny, charming and talented.

    Anyway, Im just sharing this with you cause I dont know anyone who likes these things as much as I do but yourself dear.
    Take care, and keep on your great work :D

    Hugs and kisses,

  2. Awh Ana that comment was so sweet! I love you and miss you baby. When are you next coming here? I am definitely going to check out that tutorial. Some that I love in particular are Elle and Blair Fowler's make-up tutorials. I love make-upppppp. I wish I was rich so I could afford a ton, haha. Thanks for the sweet wishes about my room. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it works out like I want it to eeeeep. Let me know when you are back in Birmingham sweet pea.