Saturday, 1 October 2011

Letter From the Editor: Finding the Balance!

What a lovely start to October here in the UK! The weather has been glorious for the past couple of days, I've been able to wear my 'Florida-clothes' for a couple of days longer which is just lush... The only real downside to all this beautiful sunshine is the heat in the evenings. It has been really too warm for the past four or five nights which means that I've been sleeping really quite poorly. Considering my boyfriend came to meet my parents for the first time for the weekend, I've been caravaning with my grandparents AND I've just begun my last year at university, I could really have done with a regular sleeping pattern, but alas, no such luck! I know it's no excuse, but this business and tiredness has resulted in me skipping a couple of blog posts, but never fear, I promise I will deliver each of the posts I promised on September the 1st. I just need a little time to get myself back into a routine and I'll be on it :)
This is something that's been really playing on my mind recently. I'm not sure about you guys, but I need to get organized. I love my day planner, and highlighters, and Post-It Notes and more importantly, I feel less stressed when I put them all to good use. October is all about getting settled for me. Getting used to the differences in my life since summer-time (like not being able to sit for hours at a time sipping ice-cold strawberry cider, or whiling away the time slicking on suntan lotion, or trying out bronzer after bronzer for that 'natural' tan look... ahhh to reminisce!) and falling back into the likes of work, university, blogging, socializing and keeping on top of my extra-curriculars! Sound like a lot to think about? Well it is!
I'm sure you've all got responsibilities of your own so we all need to make sure we've got the balance right. Let me know how it goes, and in the meantime keep checking back here at HauteFuture for your latest dose of beauty, fashion and lifestyle chitchat :) Here's what's coming up this month:

2nd October - Blog - Beauty - Review - Garnier BB Cream
3rd October - Blog - Fashion - My October Wish-List
4th October - Video - Beauty - Groomed Eyebrow Tutorial
5th October - Blog - Feature - Tips For Bikini-Wax Virgins...
6th October - Blog - Feature - Knowing Your Worth!
10th October - Video - Nails - Rocking The Gothic Trend
11th October - Blog - Health - Keeping Our Immune System's in Check
12th October - Blog - Beauty - Review - Estee Lauder Free Gift Review
13th October - Video - Hair - 'Nice Buns' Tutorial
14th October - Blog - Guest Feature
17th October - Blog - Beauty - Review: Beauty Counter V Drugstore Foundation
18th October - Video - Beauty - Estee Lauder's Alan Pan's Beauty Tricks
19th October - Blog - Health - How To Get a Good Night's Sleep
20th October - Blog - Feature - Finding a New Boyfriend When 'The One' Becomes 'The Ex'
21st October - Blog - Fashion - Blog Sale!
24th October - Video - The 'What's In My Bag' Tag :)
25th October - Blog - Feature - Who's That Girl?
26th October - Blog - Guest Feature
27th October - Blog - Beauty - Review - Dermalogica Range
28th October - Blog - Feature - How Many Free Beauty Products Can I Get in Selfridges? UNDERCOVER REPORT
31st October - Video - October Faves

Hope these are all to you liking :) As September has proven, I may not ALWAYS begin to stick to this schedule as strictly as I'd like, but this serves as a general guideline as to the posts that I want to get out there! Also, like I said, I will work hard to get any missing posts/videos from September out to you as soon as possible... The posts I owe you include; A New Spin on the Smoky Eye, How the Mouse Stole My Magic, Disco Ain't Dead Nail Tutorial, a Guest Feature, How I'm Wearing the New Season's Trends, a-Who's-That-Girl?-post and of course my September Faves which are due to be posted tomorrow!

Ciao for now, Lovers

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