Sunday, 2 October 2011

Who's THAT Girl? - Amelia Buxton

So this is a new feature that I thought I'd try out on you guys... It's called 'Who's THAT Girl?' and basically the whole idea is that I'm going to scout out girls who I think are beautiful, strong, intelligent, full of personality, and most importantly, have a killer wardrobe!

As this is my first of this type of post, I've been lucky in that I haven't had to look far for my girl crush... incest-ually enough, it's my little sister Amelia Elsie. She is just 15 years old and yet her sense of style is way beyond her years. With a kind of hippy-grunge look she definitely breaks style barriers and meshes staple items from each season's collections into a messy, envy-inducing, killer cool outfit and I absolutely love it!
I had a quick interview with the chic chick herself and here's what she said!

gabriellasofia: How would you describe your style?
ameliaelsie: I don't know... perhaps high-street bohemian.
gabriellasofia: Nice! We love to hear about a girl rocking a cheap look :) So what are your top three favorite high
-street stores?
ameliaelsie: TOPSHOP! Definitely always Topshop. Then I love Urban Outfitters too, and probably American Eagle as it's super laid-back.
gabriellasofia: Mmm I love AE too. Now, how about style icons? Who inspires you?
ameliaelsie: I don't really have 'style icons'... Vanessa Hudgens looked good at the Coachella festival this year... She had on a pair of denim shorts, and cropped-crotchet top with face-paint on and lots of miss-matched jewelry, with beads, feathers and lots of colors. I like the style that Gillian Zinser (Ivy from 90210) is often working. Very boho and comfy-looking. Apart from that I usually get my outfit ideas from the fashion shoots in Nylon

gabriellasofia: That's funny because I think you look a lot like Vanessa Hudgens! Moving on. What are your ultimate fashion pet hates?
ameliaelsie: I'm just going to say it: I hate Ugg boots. Big confession right? I've just never really liked them because once a chav tries to pull off an item, you know it probably wasn't that unique to begin with!

gabriellasofia: That's so true! I hate when people wear worn out Ugg boots so they're standing on the fabric as well as the sole... know what I mean?
ameliaelsie: *Nods manically*
gabriellasofia: So what sorts of shoes DO you like?
ameliaelsie: I'd go for kind of like, boyfriend style shoes. Like Reeboks and Doc Martens. They're really comfy, although I do like heels when the occasion demands them.
gabriellasofia: And what's your favorite piece you own?
ameliaelsie: My leather jacket! It goes with anything and pulls a look together.

ameliaelsie: Perhaps... My main make-up item is black eyeliner but I don't like to use it in a gothic way, more i gabriellasofia: Is your beauty style as 'rock chick' as your jacket?
n a smudgy, edgy way. It helps to define my eyes. Apart from that I don't really use much make-up at all!
gabriellasofia: Unlike your pretentious older sister... Finally, if you could design an outfit for Autumn/Winter this year, plus make-up, what would it be?
ameliaelsie: Well, it would be a night-out outfit. I'm thinking a cute bralet, a midi skirt, my leather jacket (I know it's not new but I really can't be without it!) a Marina Diamandis pink lip, Benefit Smokin' Eye, simple earrings and a pair of super-high, sky-scraping velvet heels!

gabriellasofia: Sounds lush! Well, I'm sure you'll be looking fit if your fashion-history so far is anything to go by! Keep up the good work, Meewps :)
ameliaelsie: Thanks!

She's a sweet in person as in pictures!

If you know a Who's THAT Girl? worthy chick, then let me know! Who knows... maybe next month, even you could be THAT girl :) Let me know what you think of Amelia Elsie, what's your favorite outfit she's rocking? Thanks for reading!



  1. the outfits are amazing!xx

  2. Haha, I'll tell her you said so! I like your blog :) If you like mine, please follow! x