Monday, 10 September 2012

Healthy Eating: How to Cook Tuna Steaks...

My family and I have decided to go on a great big healthy eating attempt at the moment which (lucky for me as I absolute LOVE it) includes a lot of fish. As the family food shopper for the past three weeks, I have found it quite easy to eat healthily around the house, because I make sure I am not hungry when I walk into Tesco and I take a specific list with me and don't stray at all. This means that the house is full only of healthy treats, including fruit, nuts, veg, brown rice, rice cakes, cereal bars and so on and so forth.

Anyway, last weekend my Dad (our resident food adventurer) decided that we should try tuna steaks for a change as we enjoy fish but are often left wanting more. More meat, man! So on my hunt through the Tesco shelves I strutted over to the fish counter and handed over £16 (!!!) for four tuna steaks. I can honestly say they were worth every penny.

A picked up some new potatoes and an assortment of salad things to throw on the side of the plate and headed home.

My dad boiled the potatoes and a few eggs, marinaded the tuna in a soy sauce, lime and chilli flakes sauce, wrapped them in foil and baked them for ten minutes in the oven. While that was cooking, he whipped up a salad with rocket leaves, carrots, tomatoes and cucumber and threw the hard-boiled egg pieces over the top with a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. When the tuna was ready, he dished up the whole thing and smeared a tiny bit of low-fat Lurpak on the potatoes. 

Here is what the meal looked like...

The meal cost about £5.50 for each of us, but that is cheaper than we would usually spend on a kebab, curry, pizza, Chinese or McDonald's takeaway! The whole thing was absolutely delicious so I have to give proper props to my dad for cooking an exceptionally successful meal. It was like a very posh version of a tuna nicoise salad. NOM GOBBLE.

Have you ever eaten tuna steaks? Do you know of any fishy recipes I should try out? How do you keep yourself in check when trying healthy eating?

Love and snuggles


  1. Mmmmm that looks so yummy! My biggest problem is portion control. Coming from a large family, all of them with really traditional beliefs means that meals were huge, and if there were any leftovers they were scoffed either later that night or kept for the rest of the week. Believe me, haggis neeps and tatties isn't exactly the healthiest of meals!
    I found that cutting down a little at a time so I was actually eating normal portions helped. And snacking on vegan yummies in the mean time properly kept me full between meals without adding to what I'd already eaten.

    ....In all honesty though once i'd sorted my portions out I've just stuck to them. I think it's all about eating sensibly, thinking 'Nah I don't need a burger king!' is key. Then again i don't really watch what I eat these days I'm too lazy haha! xxx

    1. Portion sizes have always been a struggle with my family too. There are four of us and yet it wouldn't be abnormal to find ten pork chops cooked and placed on the table which was could serve to ourselves. It is way safer to have food set out on a plate already and restricting yourself to no second helpings. Hope you're happy with what you're eating at the moment :)