Friday, 7 September 2012

My USA Haul...

This is the post you've all been waiting for ladies... the USA Haul!

Now, I must warn all of you that were expecting a haul similar to that which I carried home with me last summer... This year was not as flashy. Last year, I carried an entirely separate suitcase full of new things back with me, and I must have spent no less that $2000 on shopping alone. I did this because I was working last summer so was constantly earning, plus food was so cheap last summer and I never needed to pay for fun things to do because working in Disney World they let you go into the theme parks for free. This year, I wasn't earning. Also, I found the food to be somewhat pricier in the places on my route from Los Angeles over to New York than it had been in Orlando. AND I wasn't getting many freebies in terms of activities.

*Last year's haul...*

That being said, I couldn't come home without 'investing' in a few key items for the coming season, now could I? Of course not, it would be a scandal! So here is (the majority of...) what I bought in the States...

*WOWZAS. From the left to right you will see... A red lacy dress with a deep back from Forever 21, two pairs of cheeky panties from Victoria's Secret, a yellow bodycon skirt from Forever 21, a galaxy print blouse from Forever 21, a very short peach lacy dress from Forever 21, two MORE pairs of cheeky panties from Victoria's Secret, ANOTHER bodycon skirt from Forever 21 but red this time, a sheer hot pink blouse from Forever 21 and a pleated pleather skirt from Forever 21. Three guesses what my favorite store is? Oh and in the middle of the peach dress you'll see two MAC lipsticks in Sequin and New York Apple in the Frost finish.*

So as I say, this is the majority of the stuff I picked up in the States. For once I didn't spend much in American Eagle at all really, except for on the red sweater in this photo:

And the New York T-shirt in this photo:

Here are the goodies I bought closer up...

*My uncle actually bought me the red dress which was such a lovely treat! I figured these panties were cute because they let my butt peek out at the bottom which I kind of like... The yellow skirt is a bit bright, but with the right coloured sweater it is pretty cute.*

*This peach dress caught my eye immediately because I was looking for something to wear on a hot date and I just thought it was really cute! Although it is really quite short, it is floaty enough so it doesn't look cheap or slutty or brassy. I think the colour suited my tan quite well although I'm note sure how fab it looks now I'm pale again!*

*MAC lipstick swatches... Frost finish, Sequin on the bottom, New York Apple on the top. This photo was taken with flash. Look out for my review on both these products and I'll probably using them in tutorials very soon too!*

*Now for without flash... I also bought a MAC Lipstick for my sister in Russian Red too so I will probably be robbing that from her soon for a video or two :)*

*I actually bought the galaxy print blouse because the back of my neck was SO sunburned in Los Angeles that I needed something light to cover it. I bought this blouse which kept me covered but actually caused me even more bother because the fabric was so scratchy and rough on my sore skin... Having said that, it is a really cute blouse. Very sheer and sexy. I couldn't resist buying another couple of cheeky panties, and as soon as I saw the flattering fit of the yellow bodycon I just had to have it in red too!*

*This pinky blouse (I know it looks purple in this picture, but trust me, it is pink) is totally not my style AT ALL. I just picked it up so I would have something to try this black skirt on with (which I fell in love with at first sight because it is so effing na-na-na-come-on-feels-so-good-being-bad S&M I just couldn't resist) and I immediately loved it. I haven't tried it on since though and looking at these pictures is making me a bit apprehensive as it is so not me... watch this space*

*There are a couple more items which I picked up while I was away including this Essie nail-polish in the shade Masterplan. I also bought another shade named BBF Boy Best Friend which is a very pale pink polish. I'm hooked on the Essie formulas, they just look so shiny and smooth, I can't stop looking at them and stroking them. Full review soon to come!*

Apart from everything in these pictures, I also picked up a couple of bits of jewelry and a pair of black booties from (you've guessed it) Forever 21! I'm sure you'll see them tons this season as I swear I'm going to wear them every day through Autumn/Winter. 

So what do you think? Are you gutted I didn't buy as much as last summer? What is your favourite part of my haul? Have you tried Essie polishes yet? Don't you JUST LOVE the MAC Frost Finishes?

Love and snuggles


  1. I got some great things! I've never tried the Essie polishes, but I'm dying to! :D

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

    1. Essie polishes have a fantastically creamy formula and I find them to be really long-lasting. Give them a go, you won't be sorry :)