Friday, 14 September 2012

What does 'business casual' mean???

Hello Haute-ettes...

So since most of my life currently revolves around work I figured I'd better write a work-related post whilst also touching on something I've forever been interested in... FASHION :)

I'm not sure about you, but I have always been baffled by the idea of 'business casual' attire. My senses when I nipped into the office a couple of days before officially starting determined that the dress-code in the office might fit into the category of 'business casual'. But WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??? Does this mean I need to wear flats or heels? Collared shirt or t-shirt? Blazer or cardigan? 

Well my friends, I did what any new starter at Phones 4u's head offices would do, and scrutinised my future colleagues closer. I soon realized that the wardrobes of my fellow staff members were super-duper varied, and the general idea is, 'Be comfortable, but look smart'. Simples *insert squeeky meercat noise*.

It is a good job I realized all this to be fair, because it took me about a week of wearing the same clothes before I came to this conclusion, by which point I had saved enough pennies to take myself on a little spree at the weekend. Purely in the name of my career of course. I mean, as much as it pained me to buy clothes, I managed it because I just HAD TO. It was agonizing blowing nearly £100 in New Look, but you know what, I took one for the team and went for it.

Who am I kidding? I had an amazing time trying on sexy grown-up office clothes! 

So check out some of the bits and bobs I have bought and get to wear every day...

*Peplum tops create a really sexy silhouette and this pencil skirt is like a bodycon so it makes my butt look incredible... yes, I went there.*

*This is the same pencil skirt with a Topshop peplum top. I like the detail the little brown belt adds too, cinching me in even more at the waist. My patent black peep-toes are actually from Nine West via My Mom's Wardrobe. Pretty uncomfortable but incredible for my legs...*

*Yet another peplum top from Topshop (are you sensing a pattern yet?) This time I have on a super-skinny black belt and a black, silver and bronze beaded choker necklace. In this picture it is just black though. Also, let's not ignore the elephant in the room... yes, my breasts are apparently bigger than my head.*

*This is a slightly more casual look and it is actually totally unlike me to chose blue. Like, seriously, I have next to nothing in blue. This New Look skater dress reminds me so much of my best friend Vikki because she always wears things like this. I think they are really flattering and I think my black cardi and tights make it look a bit more suitably conservative for work.*

*This is my favorite thing that I have bought which makes it even sadder that this picture really doesn't do this dress justice. It is a little short, and the leather accents on the pockets and shoulders add a slightly dominatrix look to the whole outfit which makes me feel oh-so-powerful and sexually confident. Considering this is a relatively shapeless dress with a kind of A-line finish and shift-dress length I find it works for my figure so well!*

So what do you think? Do I fit in with the business casual look? I find myself occasionally going into the office slightly over-dressed. However, I've always preferred to be over-dressed than under-dressed because I've never really minded people looking at me and thinking, 'She made too much effort' rather than, 'She made NO effort'. 

What would you wear for a business casual look? Where do you shop for work-style clothes? Have you noticed that quality in New Look has seen an amazing improvement in the past couple of years? I used to think New Look was a bit skanky to be honest, but now I'm a big fan... I even got asked if the dress in the bottom picture was from Zara or Karen Millen! Apparently both have similar designs... Brilliant :)

Love and snuggles

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