Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Doing Our Bit For Charidee: The Rebel Bear Band

I haven't written a Doing Our Bit for Charidee post recently, which I'd like to make a monthly thing of in 2013 because I think it is really important to offer whatever help we can give to those that need it. This post is about a group of bands local to my area who are so compassionate, innovative and driven that they have actually collaborated with one another to write, produce and promote their very own Christmas single of which all the proceeds will be donated to the Joe Gilligan Trust.

Click 'Play' on this video and once it has started playing, read the rest of this post...

So who are these amazing musicians? Written by Neon Rouge's Kieran Oakes and Jon Finney, 'Unite' by The Rebel Bear Band features a handful of Stoke-on-Trent's top talent where music is concerned. Aaron Mobberly works with representatives from Vellocet, 3's A Riot, In the Cards, Nuclear Safari, Moscow, The Rat Race and Neon Rouge in order to perform this super-catchy tune which is pretty much going to be the soundtrack of my life for the next month or so.

In typical Band Aid fashion, each of the singers get a line or two each, join in for the chorus assisted by a choir and are even backed up by Christmassy bells chiming towards the end. 'Unite' is very easy to listen to, and so much fun to sing along with. Its no wonder so many local performers wanted to be involved, this song has the potential to seriously put the Stoke-on-Trent music scene on the map!

Please click here to download the track. It will only set you back by a single £1 coin (or more if you choose to be really generous and donate a bit extra) the profits of which will go to the Joe Gilligan Trust. If you have never heard of this charity before, please head over to their website. This charity is particularly near to my heart, as Joe Gilligan was the son of my favorite teacher and we were in the orchestra together. Sadly, Joe passed away just over three years ago. His parents, my teacher, created the charity in order to support and improve the lives of young cancer sufferers nationwide. As Joe was an avid musician, it makes sense that local young musicians have supported the cause so admirably, so I just wanted to write this post to back them up even further. The fact is that cancer doesn't care who you are, how many years you have lived or what you are into. All of us know at least one person who has suffered cancer, so it really is in all our best interest to donate at least £1 to The Rebel Bear Band's song 'Unite'. Please be generous, dig deep and have a Merry Christmas :)

How much have you donated? What do you think of the song? Have you ever created your own charity project?

Love and snuggles

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