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Selfridges Spring/Summer 2013 Bloggers Preview

Isn't December just manic??? I have been so busy collecting top class blog content that I haven't had enough time to actually write the posts! Anyway, it is the thought that counts right? And it is better late than never, so here we go...

On December 5th I was lucky enough to have the afternoon booked off work as annual leave, so I hopped on a train and headed to Birmingham's Selfridges Spring/Summer 2013 Preview for bloggers. I attended the same event last year simply because I invited myself when a fellow blogger had to cancel. Last year was fantastic fun and I met some brilliant girls, so I knew it would soon become and annual must-do. 

*My face-of-the-day was pretty simple to be honest... I did a more pronounced brow than usual, put on more mascara, my MAC Frankly Scarlett blusher, MAC New York Apply lippy in the Frost finish and when I noticed I had a nasty zit to the left of my nose which was refusing to be concealed, I decided to disguise it as a Cindy Crawford-esque beauty spot with the help of my MAC Brun eye shadow*

*Yes, I know this photo really isn't very flattering at all... However, I felt really comfortable, casual and chic in my new beige H&M jumper (just £14!!!), New Look plum coloured peplum top, Bershka wet-look leggings and Forever 21 booties.*

The event started as last year in the Moet bar in Selfridges. We were each provided with a heady glass of champers and the Spring/Summer 2013 presentation began! I have included photos of my favourite styles which are going to dominate the season and you will find these trends all over Selfridges concessions in the New Year...

*Let the fun begin...*

*Geometric prints littered the runways for the current season and although it is totally not a look I would usually go for, Style Geometry is set to be big for 2013*

*An extension of the monochrome look which dominated the fashion world this year, 2013 is all about whole outfit blocks of black and white. I can't imagine myself sporting this trend during Spring/Summer, but coming into the cooler months of 2013 I think this is a look I will definitely be rocking due to its fuss free nature and versatility. Plus it just looks so chic!*

*The most highly anticipated silhouette for 2013 is a much more masculine approach than 2012. We were shown this slide that was full of trouser suits. However, contrary to the manly boxy suit which I had initially dreaded when I heard the word 'suit' the silhouettes are much sexier that I had expected. Think skinny trousers with cinced blazers, shoulder pads and flared trousers and so on*

*Shine and sheer is one of the looks I am most likely to wear this Spring/Summer. It is kind of similar to last year's floaty see-through skirts and metallic leotards, but this year the look is taking itself a lot less seriously with more unusual patterns, shorter hemlines and less-structured shapes. I love it because it seems like a style which literally anyone could attempt.*

*If you know anything about fashion, it is likely that the word 'Tangerine' does not surprise you when said in relation to Spring/Summer 2013. Fashion mags, blogs and even the high street have already taken note of this bold colour and orange-shaded pieces appear to be cropping up all over the place! I think tangerine will look fab with a tan this summer... I can't wait to experiment with it as I have never tried orange hues before*

Following the presentation, we were led around various concessions to lust over some of the remaining Autumn/Winter 2012 fashions and peek at some new bits and pieces for Spring/Summer 2013. Here are some of my highlights;

*The Chloe Jade Green stilettos are amazing... However, I actually preferred the baroque patterned booties behind! They are so sickeningly high though and as someone who isn't too confident walking on such thin heels I think the pricetag might not be worth it for me*

*I love love love this dusty rose coloured satchel by Mulberry (it is the one in the middle). I've never been a huge fan of Mulberry bags, but this one really caught my eye... it would look awesome with the black and white trend for 2013*

*This pattern is so adorable and the dress on the left look like it would flatter even my figure! Top marks Alexander McQueen. RIP*

*In my opinion, Victoria Beckham tend to get things wrong with her designs quite often. Primarily it is the shapes and sizes of her clothes which repel me. However, I thought this dress would be gorgeous on me! I'm not sure which I would prefer, but I just think it looks so sexy and classy. WANT*

*I find the coloured bags a bit tacky, but this black clutch from Yves Saint Laurent looks like something which could quite easily because a staple in my accessories cupboard*

*A girl can dream, right? The sparkly Jimmy Choos at the front of this table called out to me as soon as we came out of the bar and the matching hard clutch bag made me want to weep at my own poverty. One day I will own a pair of Jimmy Choos and a matching handbag. You mark my words*

Next up was dinner! All of us hungry bloggers were shepherded down to Itihaas on Selfridges ground floor for an Indian feast. The food and sparkling wine was absolutely divine. Firstly we were offered sample sizes of lamb, chicken and vegetable wraps with naan bread and a variety of marinades and spices. My obsession with mango chutney got the better of me, so I requested that the waiter brought some over which he kindly obliged. By the time the main course came over my plate was swimming in mango chutney, mint yoghurt and onion relish which only added to the delicious chicken curry we were offered. I actually ended up eating even more of the vegetarian option as I was totally intrigued by the idea of a cheese curry... The cheese is called Paneer and is India's answer to Haloumi I think. Chunks of it were dropped into a creamy tomato curry and it was truly amazing. Now I'm just waiting in anticipation for my next visit to Itihaas!

*Yummy Indian wraps... the bitesized samples were the ideal introduction to a wonderful meal*

*Here you can see the chicken curry on the left, and the elusive cheese curry on the right. My stomach is literally growling just looking at this photo!*

To finish the event we were each invited to choose a slip of paper out of a bowl which told us which beauty treatment we would be receiving in Selfridges world-famous beauty hall. I pulled out the Illamasqua Alter Ego treatment which I was really excited about as Illamasqua is a brand I have been keen to buy from in the past although have never gotten round to exploring. The lovely Anthea from Illamasqua's beauty counter got to work on my face, transforming me from your average girl in the street to... well... someone you might point and laugh at, sadly :( Anthea was really lovely, but the look was a little too extreme for me as she lined my upper lash line with both black and white which she extended about and inch outwards in a straight line. I understand that Illamasqua is all about experimenting with shapes, colours and textures that you wouldn't normally try. However, although the products were lovely and I would definitely consider them on my next beauty haul, I find myself to be quite experimental with my makeup as it is and I don't feel comfortable with pushing that even further...

*Anthea was gorgeous and spoke to me all the while about makeup and her training. I was really interested and she was great company. Plus, she gave me at least 20 minutes worth of attention whilst I noticed some of my fellow bloggers only had ten with the other brands which I really appreciated. Sadly the look which she created is not one which I would try on myself in the future*

Before I knew it, the event was over and it was time to catch my train home. As I was saying goodbye to everyone, I was presented with a goodie bag to take away with me. I would have to admit that the contents of the goodie bag didn't really suit me, although I'm sure other ladies out there would have been really pleased with the items I received. There was a full-sized Fake Bake tanning lotion (I don't use fake tan and never have, although maybe now would be a good time to start...), a zebra print Folli Follie bangle (I never where plastic bangles, although it is nice enough that I might give it as a Christmas present to someone), a mini bottle of champers by Pommery (really can't complain), a Selfridges notepad (perfect as I'm always looking for someone to jot down my ideas), a '30 Years Of G-Shock' book (not really of any value to me...) and a Dairy Milk chocolate bar in the new bubble-like shape (redeems the goodie bag entirely. NOM.)

In all I had a brilliant time, so I want to say a great big 'Thank You' to Emma Roberts and the Selfridges team for organizing such a lovely event. Its really nice when all of us bloggers get together so I was happy to see Emma, Sian, Florrie and other familiar faces and meet Carmen and Chloe for the first time!

Does someone want to buy the Fake Bake from me? Which of the summer styles are you most likely to sport in 2013? Have you ever experienced an Illamasqua Alter Ego makeover?

Love and snuggles

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