Saturday, 1 December 2012

Ted Baker Workshop Men's Accessories Line...

About six weeks ago I received an invite to the launch of Ted Baker's Pop Up menswear accessories line entitled Workshop. As a lady who is constantly walking around moaning about guys who wear slogan t-shirts and terrible jeans, I figured I'd go along to learn about the alternative menswear options. So I hopped on a train to Birmingham and wandered on up to the Ted Baker concession in Selfridges. 

I was immediately accosted by a rather handsome-looking salesman, smartly clad in a suit and apron (inkeeping with the 'Workshop' theme I assume...) proffering glasses of bubbly. I politely accepted one and got stuck into looking through the collection... 

*The pop-up presentation rack full of bags, folders, iPad cases, wallets and laptop carriers*

*I love these satchels...*

*And look, they do them in a variety of colours... if I was a guy (and a millionaire) I'd buy them all*

*I loved this slightly faded iPad case...*

*The wallets just felt like such good quality! And so they should, at £35 a pop!*

In terms of the Workshop Accessory range, I genuinely loved everything I saw! I would probably say that the items are a bit out of my price range, but I'd also say that they were really quite reasonable in relation to other brands whose products rarely seem as nice. If I was a young professional fashion-conscious man with a well-paying job I'm pretty sure Ted Baker would be my go-to for all things attire. Here are some snaps I took around the rest of the concession...

*You can't beat a dickie bow!*

*Loving the corduroy shoulder pads and matching collar on this lumberjack shirt*

*Some might say this jacket looks like tin foil. I, on the other hand, would say it is effing awesome. Particularly for the Christmas season.*

*Brilliant colour for a shirt... My eyes are drawn to the green man-bag behind too. I just wonder what men keep in them if not make-up...?*

*Ted Baker has such attention to detail, even the inside of this jacket is patterned*

*THIS is a far cry from a slogan t-shirt and jeans!*

*I love the bottle green and maroon slacks. They would be perfect for the fashion-forward corporate worker*

*This tweed jacket looks so luxurious. And I think the handkerchief and matching tie are so cute*

*This shirt is so stand-out... However, with a plain coloured jumper I think it looks just right*

 *£90 worth of epic flamboyance... Definitely worth it if you aren't afraid of standing out from the crowd*

So to all of you boring guys who say, 'Well, what else is there to wear if not a slogan t-shirt and jeans' go and check out your nearest Ted Baker concession and educate yourself! And not being able to afford Ted is no excuse either as even Primark sell their own (admittedly lower-quality) versions of most of these pieces. 

For the steps you've taken in terms of making men aware of fashion, Ted Baker, I salute you!

To purchase any of the items shown in this post, please click here.

Would you buy any of these items for yourselves (if you're a guy) or the men in your lives (if you're a girl)? Do you think the man-bag trend will ever really take off? Which is your favorite piece from the Ted Baker Workshop collection?

Love and snuggles

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