Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Met Ball 2012 Celeb Style Top Picks...

Yes, I am aware that the Met Ball was 'ages ago' and 'so last week' in the blogging world. However, I was on my evil blog break and I really wanted to jot up a quick piece because this year had the most AMAZING dresses I think I've ever seen at a single celebrity event. So you'll just have to bear with me, and humour me as I marvel over dresses that the rest of you probably finished lusting after weeks ago.

For those of you who DON'T know about the Met Ball, don't feel bad. I only really discovered it as being THE CLASSIEST event on the celebrity calender last year when I received dozens of 'WhatWasSheWearing' type emails from a big bunch of magazines. For a quick summary of the event, all you need to know is that the Met Ball (also known as the Costume Institute Gala) is a once-a-year event celebrating the annual opening of the Metropolitan Museum's fashion exhibit at the Costume Institute in New York. Since 1948 this event has been running and the stars have turned up in their multitudes dressed in their absolute best glad-rags. And wouldn't you? The event is hosted by Vogue magazine, after all!

My Met Ball 2012 Celeb Style Top Picks are...


1) Jessica Alba in Michael Kors. This one shoulder Grecian-inspired dress is an absolute hit in my opinion. Jessica's waist is cinched in an almost cummerbund type way which I think really flatters her figure. She looks like some kind of beautiful gold statue. Even her hair looks perfect. And, I might just steal her lipstick. 

2) Dianna Agron in Carolina Herrera. This colour is so striking, and you know how I love a plunging neckline. Plus, I like how she's working the atadtoolong dress length because I'm really short and my floor-length dresses ALWAYS drag. However, Dianna manages to pull it off, so she's a bit of a style icon for me right now.

3) Emma Stone in Lanvin. This red dress is so cute! It was a bold decision of Emma's to go with a short dress as most of the Met Ball attendees were sporting floor length. But the risk completely paid off as this hot number caught everyone's eye. Of course, it did rip a little in the back as she clambered out of her car, but we all have minor wardrobe malfunctions every now and then and the confident smile which Emma wore meant that virtually no-one was any the wiser.

4) Hilary Swank in Michael Kors. Check out this sexy blood red dress. Loving to pieces the shape it creates and the halter neck makes Hilary's breasts look fantastic. You were all thinking it. 

5) Leighton Meester in Marchesa. When I saw this photo I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Leighton seems to have more curves than I ever expected. Look how voluptuous her body looks in this stunning dress. She looks glowing and healthy and a resulting Sex Goddess. The colour, the neckline and the  little sheer short sleeves. What's not to love?

And finally, for the ever-so-slightly bitchy section of this blog-post. I'm not going to call it 'WHAT-THE-HELL-WAS-SHE-THINKING' because that's just mean. However, I don't think I would ever be caught dead in these outfits unless I was going to some sort of Ugly Outfit costume party. Totally just my opinion, and I'm sure there will be people out there thinking, 'Like, oh em gee, she like, calls herself a blogger yet she knows like, nothing about the artistic expression of fashion'. Not at all bothered, so, on with the show!

1) Kristen Stewart in Balenciaga. Snakeskin-esque top, colour block skirt and just plain weird shoes. Just too much going on I think. The fact that Kristen is wearing that bizarre grimace that she often sports too adds to the awkwardness of the overall look in this shot.

2) Florence Welch in Alexander McQueen. This dress, whilst a fantastic work of art, reminds me so much of a doily. I do quite like the sleeves, but I think with the long length and the two layers in the skirt there is just too much going on.

3) Kirsten Dunst in Rodarte. I like the colour. That's where my like for this outfit ends. Not only is it unattractive in virtually any environment, but I'm especially shocked that Kirsten would choose this as being suitable for the Met Gala. So many questions...

So that's that. I know that there were tons of other amazing outfits at the Met Ball, namely Carey Mulligan's, Beyonce's, Rihanna's and I could go on for ever! It was really hard choosing my favourite outfits, but I really just judged it on wearability and wowability. Who were your top picks from the Met Ball? Would you dare wear a short dress to such a prestigious event? Would you ever wear any of my three most hated outfits from the Met Ball? 

Love and snuggles


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