Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Style Profile: Spring/Summer 2012: Miss Selfridge: NouveauChic...

I'm loving this whole Polyvore thing! Literally obsessed with it! If you aren't quite sure what I'm talking about, go check out THIS LINK then come back and tell me how amazing their site is. 

Anyway, the latest look I've thrown together using their site is what I call NouveauChic. Black has always been THE notoriously chic colour. However, for this Spring/Summer, classic chic has taken a new turn, incorporating some softer pastel colours into what is still quintessentially cool. My favourite colours to mix with black are splattered across Miss Selfridge's clothes racks and website, so I threw this look together using pastel pink/peach/nude and turquoise/green/blue hues. NouveauChic is perfect for gigs and music festivals alike, and is versatile enough to transfer from day to night.

The shapes are usually long and floaty on EITHER the top or bottom, and tighter on the other. So I'm thinking hot-pant knicker shorts with kimonos, ballerina-inspired sheer skirts with tight crop-tops, and playsuits cinched at the waist. The shoes are always high and usually wedges as this is definitely a summer look-to-impress. Sunglasses, sun-hats and ascot scarves add to the chilled out glamour and a nice big handbag makes NouveauChic practical as you can carry everything you might need for the day. Finally, the jewelry is a mix of blacks, golds, silvers, light pinks, blue gems, white rope and cross-icons.

Hope you like it!

Spring/Summer 2012 Miss Selfridge NouveauChic...

Miss Selfridge cardigan
£40 - missselfridge.com
Miss Selfridge black tee
£22 - missselfridge.com
Miss Selfridge cotton tank top
£18 - missselfridge.com
Miss Selfridge bra top
£18 - missselfridge.com
Miss selfridge
£35 - missselfridge.com
Miss selfridge
£39 - missselfridge.com
Miss Selfridge chiffon skirt
£37 - missselfridge.com
Miss Selfridge long skirt
£32 - missselfridge.com
Miss Selfridge skirt
£28 - missselfridge.com
Miss selfridge
£20 - missselfridge.com
Miss Selfridge black shoes
£58 - missselfridge.com
Miss Selfridge wedge heels
£45 - missselfridge.com
Miss Selfridge black necklace
£16.50 - missselfridge.com
Miss Selfridge metal jewelry
£14 - missselfridge.com
Miss Selfridge yellow gold jewelry
£14 - missselfridge.com
Miss Selfridge chandelier earrings
£12.50 - missselfridge.com
Miss Selfridge crystal jewelry
£10 - missselfridge.com
Miss Selfridge skull jewelry
£7.50 - missselfridge.com
Miss Selfridge drop earrings
£7.50 - missselfridge.com
Miss Selfridge cross necklace
£6 - missselfridge.com
Miss Selfridge gold drop earrings
£5 - missselfridge.com
Miss Selfridge pink earrings
£6 - missselfridge.com
Miss Selfridge bag
£39 - missselfridge.com
Miss Selfridge oversized floppy hat
£22 - missselfridge.com
Miss Selfridge black straw hat
£16 - missselfridge.com
Miss Selfridge green shawl
£16 - missselfridge.com
Miss Selfridge black belt
£15 - missselfridge.com
Miss Selfridge sunglasses
£12 - missselfridge.com
Miss Selfridge pink shades
£10 - missselfridge.com
Miss Selfridge floral hair accessory
£8.50 - missselfridge.com
Waterloo Blush Tie Wedge
£48 - missselfridge.com
Aqua Fireball Tunnels
£8.50 - missselfridge.com
Gold Floral Collar Tips
£7.50 - missselfridge.com
White Skull Toggle
£6.50 - missselfridge.com

So there you have it. I've been trying to rock this look recently and I've been happy with how easy and cheap it can be! Most people have black items which can be used as accents in NouveauChic, and the other items are generally quite plain and hence also cheap-ish. Obviously, the accessories are gorgeous, but they are really just extras in this style so I might leave them for a particularly rich day and stock up on the plainer separates in the meantime. 
Are you as mad for this look as I am? Do you have any other ideas of what to wear to festivals this summer? Can you think of another quite cheap look which I could consider for this summer? Do you have Polyvore accounts? If so, please leave me your link!

Love and snuggles

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