Monday, 21 May 2012

Style Profile: Spring/Summer 2012: Topshop: SherbetSweetheart...

Why, hello there! This is a blog post I've been looking forward to publishing for ever such a long time as I have become totally obsessed with playing with Polyvore. If you haven't already discovered this fantastic site then you need to get on it, as it's like Microsoft Paint but for grown-up, fashion-obsessed ladies. You can make all kinds of magazine-esque fashion picture boards where you can paste anything that inspires you clothes/accessories/beauty-wise and I love it. Totally addicted. Even more so than I am with Pinterest and that is saying something as I've been known to while away hour after hour on that site. 

Anyway, welcome to 'Style Profile'! This is a new feature which I've decided to bring in as I've come back from my blog break. I'm totally obsessed with online shopping and throwing together wish lists etc, so the fact that Polyvore allows me to actually see my top picks like you would a fashion story in a magazine, makes my life worth living. Every now and then, I'll do a blog post like this, running you quickly through a new look which I'd like to rock in the current season each time focusing on one shop.

So for my first Style Profile for Spring/Summer 2012, I'd like to focus on my favorite store of all time, Topshop. The look which I've created here is one which I will definitely be buying some pieces from as its so feminine and sexy and sweet! I've called it 'SherbetSweetheart' as it reminds me a bit of the preppy-prom-type-North-American-style that I love so much and is full of slightly more vibrant pastels than we're usually used to.

Without much further ado, here's the look:

Cute, right? So, to work this look think peplum skirts, sky-high wedges, rosy-coloured make-up, structured jackets, cropped t-shirts, bright brogues, girly sunnies, skinny belts and candy-esque beaded bracelets. Topshop have this SherbetSweetheart look down to a T for Spring/Summer 2012... I want it all! 

So how much would this look set us back then, ladies...? Too much. Without a doubt. But then again, we don't need it ALL... Theoretically.

T shirt
£8 -

Print shirt
£18 -
Pearl Collar
£12 -
Boyfriend blazer
£40 -
Double breasted blazer
£55 -
Pleated skirt
£32 -
Inverted pleat skirt
£32 -
Peplum skirt
£34 -
Mint skirt
£34 -
Patent leather shoes
£60 -
Leather wedge
£48 -
Leather wedge
£65 -
Wedge sandals
£65 -
Plastic sunglasses
£16 -
Plastic sunglasses
£16 -
Bow Tie
£8.50 -
Bow belt
£8 -
£6 -
Lip makeup
£8 -
Glass Bead Stretch
£12.50 -

I'm definitely not going to add up all those prices as I'm sure it will make me lose the will to live a little bit. However, since I've recently finished university, I might well go crazy and just buy it all anyway! MUST. RESTRAIN. SELF. 

So what do you guys think about SherbetSweetheart? Do you have a Polyvore site? If so, check out my profile at And finally, do you know any other ways I can procrastinate from growing up and getting a job? Haha, let me know :)

Love and snuggles

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