Monday, 15 October 2012

Where The Devil Have I Been???

Hello fitties...

I am ever so sorry for my slight lapse in recent blog posting. I really don't have much of an excuse to not have posted to be honest. I guess I've just been kind of busy getting into the swing of things at work and this has kind of re-organized my lifestyle to an extent. Allow me to explain.

Working at Phones 4u Head Office, I work from 9am until 6pm from Monday to Friday. This means that by the time I get home at night it is 6.30pm (at the earliest). I've recently been trying to cook quite a lot at home because I live with my parents rent-free at the moment and I like to be able to give a little something back, so this means that at least two out of seven nights I am cooking and eating until about 7.30pm at the earliest. On days that I am not cooking, I go an have a go on my dancing pole for half an hour before going to take a bath. This takes me to about 8.30pm or 9pm. By this time I am already thinking about how I have to be awake by 7am the next morning, so begin winding down, watching a bit of television and flicking through magazines. Then I do the whole thing the next day and so on.

Plus, my social-life has changed quite drastically. My best friend has dramatically disappointed me, so I no longer speak with her. On the flip-side, my love life has improved immensely so I have been investing much of my free time into that. Of course, for those of you that follow me on Twitter, you will be aware that my father and I are in the final couple of weeks of planning our local Halloween music festival Hippy Horror, so I've spent the majority of down-time being involved in family meetings and the like. 

I guess I'm just getting used to finding a new routine. Amidst all that I have TOO MUCH blog content! For those bloggers out there, I'm sure that you're thinking, 'Bah, I get writer's block and yet GabriellaSofia is whining about having too much to write about!' but I genuinely feel like I do. I've recently attended Style Birmingham, the Bullring fashion show The Show: Enchanted, London Fashion Weekend and the launch party for Ted Baker's line of men's accessories. Plus, I've been reading a bunch, watching a lot of films and trying out tonnes of new products. Basically, I just need to organize all my thoughts and ideas into some kind of structure so that I can get all of my content written, filmed and published before they all fall right out of my head!

Anyway, I just wanted to keep you all posted on what has been going on with me recently, and here are a few photos for you to peruse until I next write...

*En route out for a curry... nom...*

*A delicious salmon dinner I made for me and the family... nom again...*


View Stoke-on-Trent-20121005-00764.jpg in slide show
*My face, pre-night out*

*My father and I at a local radio station interview*

*Ooof, how I love playing with my eyeliner!*

*Reading Fifty Shades again, having read it and Tess of the D'Urbervilles. Still don't like it*

*Bought another peplum top... obsessed, much?*

*What I wore to Style Birmingham*

At the risk of sounding a tad too 'Terminator'... I'll be back.

Love and snuggles

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