Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Halloween Makeup Ideas...

Hello Beauties :)

So I'm sure it hasn't escaped your notice, but for just in case it has, Halloween is just around the corner and that only means one thing... Costumes! My favourite part about dressing myself up in some creepy attire has always been adding the finishing touches with my makeup. Luckily, this weekend just gone has seen the Hippy Horror festival hitting my local music scene with a bang (and yes, this is a shameless plug of how successful the event went, most likely because my dad organized it...) so I've managed to get loads of good ideas for how to make my face look scarier than usual this year. I thought I'd share some of my favourite makeup looks of the weekend, for both guys and girls.

*This was my bludgeoned-to-death-dead-school-girl look*

*Ghostly Drummer of All the Best Tapes, photo courtesy of Will's Photoimaging*

*Skeleton Front-Man of Six Towns, Photo Courtesy of Will's Photoimaging*

*Creepy Ring Master of All the Best Tapes, photo courtesy of Will's Photoimaging*

*My boyfriend looked like he'd been in a fire or something what with all his liquid-latex-created burns!*

*Pretty butterfly face, photo courtesy of Will's Photoimaging*

*Various festival goers, photo courtesy of Will's Photoimaging*

*Not 100% sure what the girl on the left is supposed to be, but she looks awesome, photo courtesy of Will's Photoimaging*

*If all else fails, just splash blood on your face like the girl on the right, photo courtesy of Will's Photoimaging*

*Pumpkin heads, photo courtesy of Jo Flynn's facebook photos :)*

So that is just a few of my favourite looks for halloween so far. I'm sure I'll be able to track down some more photos at some point soon, but in the meantime that's all the ideas you're getting!

What are you doing for halloween? What's the most creative creepy make-up look you've seen? Got any cool techniques for how to use liquid latex without having it rip your skin off when you're removing it? My boyfriend nearly cried when I was helping him with his! 

Love and snuggles


  1. I didnt mean 2 scream like a girl! Haha

    1. Haha, awh Benny!
      Love you

  2. wow, great halloween ideas and makeup! Totally awesome!
    I've been looking for some fresh and creepy halloween makeup ideas to use this year. Thanks to you, i just got some ideas. Thanks to you!

    Happy Halloween!
    ~ Cristine