Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Halloween Makeup Ideas...

Hello Beauties :)

So I'm sure it hasn't escaped your notice, but for just in case it has, Halloween is just around the corner and that only means one thing... Costumes! My favourite part about dressing myself up in some creepy attire has always been adding the finishing touches with my makeup. Luckily, this weekend just gone has seen the Hippy Horror festival hitting my local music scene with a bang (and yes, this is a shameless plug of how successful the event went, most likely because my dad organized it...) so I've managed to get loads of good ideas for how to make my face look scarier than usual this year. I thought I'd share some of my favourite makeup looks of the weekend, for both guys and girls.

*This was my bludgeoned-to-death-dead-school-girl look*

*Ghostly Drummer of All the Best Tapes, photo courtesy of Will's Photoimaging*

*Skeleton Front-Man of Six Towns, Photo Courtesy of Will's Photoimaging*

*Creepy Ring Master of All the Best Tapes, photo courtesy of Will's Photoimaging*

*My boyfriend looked like he'd been in a fire or something what with all his liquid-latex-created burns!*

*Pretty butterfly face, photo courtesy of Will's Photoimaging*

*Various festival goers, photo courtesy of Will's Photoimaging*

*Not 100% sure what the girl on the left is supposed to be, but she looks awesome, photo courtesy of Will's Photoimaging*

*If all else fails, just splash blood on your face like the girl on the right, photo courtesy of Will's Photoimaging*

*Pumpkin heads, photo courtesy of Jo Flynn's facebook photos :)*

So that is just a few of my favourite looks for halloween so far. I'm sure I'll be able to track down some more photos at some point soon, but in the meantime that's all the ideas you're getting!

What are you doing for halloween? What's the most creative creepy make-up look you've seen? Got any cool techniques for how to use liquid latex without having it rip your skin off when you're removing it? My boyfriend nearly cried when I was helping him with his! 

Love and snuggles

Thursday, 18 October 2012

GabriellaSofia Rants: Naked Royals

Hello :)

So I know this video is not quite as topical as it might have been a few weeks back, but I filmed it way back then and never got around to posting it up. You know how I love a good old rant and getting a healthy debate going, so go ahead and get involved. If you don't agree with what I'm saying, tell me... if you do agree with what I'm saying, let's be friends :)

I just think that the media have taken this whole obsession with invading the privacy of public figures WAY too far. I have no interest in seeing Kate's breasts or Harry's 'crown jewels' (do you see what I did there??? I made a funny!) and I can't for the life of me understand why some people seem to believe that it is against our human rights not to have access to this material. It is ridiculous how far some organizations will go for a bit of publicity.

Anyway, I'll be coming down from my soapbox right about now...

Do you think royals willingly sacrifice their privacy when they choose to keep their titles? Should we be allowed to see their naked bodies against their will? How would you feel if you were a royal yourself?

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Thanks for watching, guys and I'll see you soon!

gabriellasofia x

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Inspired #1

Things that are inspiring me at the moment...

Picture 1
*A beautiful two-bedroom, both en-suite, fourth-floor, pent-house apartment available in a prime location for just £695 per month near to my city centre...*

*Bellatrix Lestrange-inspired make-up looks... That's my halloween costume sorted!*

*This summer just gone. The travel bug has well and truly bitten me, and now I know I am capable of traipsing across a foreign country all alone I am so much more confident!*

*The music festival my dad has organized for Halloween entitled, 'HippyHorror'*

*Wonder Forest blog... the blogger has decided she wants to be a millionaire and seems to have the motivation to achieve her goal*

*The Topshop mid-season sale... 'nuff said!*

*Company magazine always gives me brilliant ideas and just by reading it I feel like I'm one step closer to finding something I'm truly passionate about*

So there you have it. Just a tiny compilation of the things which are inspiring me at the moment. I wanted to write this post primarily because I've been feeling a little bit demotivated recently, but wanted to remind myself that you can find passion in even the smallest and most seemingly insignificant things. I have always been someone that thrives off the here and now, always looking for something in the present that pushes me to hit a goal in the future. I love seeing people break out of what would be the 'norm', or expected in society of them. Yes, I want to have my own super-duper posh flat, I want to fancy dress like a Harry Potter character, I want to see the world, I want to encourage and assist my Dad in making his festival a success for the local area, I want a girl who is just like me to prove that if you want to be a millionaire you can make it happen, I want to have a Topshop wardrobe and I want to feed off the success of business-women, fashionistas, journalists, make-up artists and models in a magazine and allow it all to contribute to the me of tomorrow. 

What has been inspiring you recently? What are your goals in the short and long term? How can you get what you want out of life?

This is the sort of post that epitomises what a HauteFuture really is and how I can achieve it... Hope you enjoyed it :)

Love and snuggles

Monday, 15 October 2012

Where The Devil Have I Been???

Hello fitties...

I am ever so sorry for my slight lapse in recent blog posting. I really don't have much of an excuse to not have posted to be honest. I guess I've just been kind of busy getting into the swing of things at work and this has kind of re-organized my lifestyle to an extent. Allow me to explain.

Working at Phones 4u Head Office, I work from 9am until 6pm from Monday to Friday. This means that by the time I get home at night it is 6.30pm (at the earliest). I've recently been trying to cook quite a lot at home because I live with my parents rent-free at the moment and I like to be able to give a little something back, so this means that at least two out of seven nights I am cooking and eating until about 7.30pm at the earliest. On days that I am not cooking, I go an have a go on my dancing pole for half an hour before going to take a bath. This takes me to about 8.30pm or 9pm. By this time I am already thinking about how I have to be awake by 7am the next morning, so begin winding down, watching a bit of television and flicking through magazines. Then I do the whole thing the next day and so on.

Plus, my social-life has changed quite drastically. My best friend has dramatically disappointed me, so I no longer speak with her. On the flip-side, my love life has improved immensely so I have been investing much of my free time into that. Of course, for those of you that follow me on Twitter, you will be aware that my father and I are in the final couple of weeks of planning our local Halloween music festival Hippy Horror, so I've spent the majority of down-time being involved in family meetings and the like. 

I guess I'm just getting used to finding a new routine. Amidst all that I have TOO MUCH blog content! For those bloggers out there, I'm sure that you're thinking, 'Bah, I get writer's block and yet GabriellaSofia is whining about having too much to write about!' but I genuinely feel like I do. I've recently attended Style Birmingham, the Bullring fashion show The Show: Enchanted, London Fashion Weekend and the launch party for Ted Baker's line of men's accessories. Plus, I've been reading a bunch, watching a lot of films and trying out tonnes of new products. Basically, I just need to organize all my thoughts and ideas into some kind of structure so that I can get all of my content written, filmed and published before they all fall right out of my head!

Anyway, I just wanted to keep you all posted on what has been going on with me recently, and here are a few photos for you to peruse until I next write...

*En route out for a curry... nom...*

*A delicious salmon dinner I made for me and the family... nom again...*


View Stoke-on-Trent-20121005-00764.jpg in slide show
*My face, pre-night out*

*My father and I at a local radio station interview*

*Ooof, how I love playing with my eyeliner!*

*Reading Fifty Shades again, having read it and Tess of the D'Urbervilles. Still don't like it*

*Bought another peplum top... obsessed, much?*

*What I wore to Style Birmingham*

At the risk of sounding a tad too 'Terminator'... I'll be back.

Love and snuggles

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

London Fashion Weekend: The Sunday Fashion Panel

During my jaunt to London Fashion Weekend, I managed to grab a seat for the Sunday Fashion Panel discussion to find out the skinny on personal style and how to get it. Its not every day you get to see the UK fashion royal Hilary Alexander, top designer Olivia Rubin and fashion icon (and TOWIE's best...) Lydia Bright sitting around chatting about shopping now is it? Needless to say I felt really rather lucky. Anyway, here is the jist of what was said...


How do trends start?
Hilary (H): Well, what comes first? The chicken, or the egg? Fashion is a huge collaboration of street style, designer insights, print factory risks, celebrity-wear and so on. If enough people pick up on a look, it automatically becomes a trend, no matter what the conglomeration was inspired by.
Olivia (O): I think every designer has their own signature style and looks they like, for example, bold graphic prints. I like that trends evolve and progress from season to season.
H: It took just two months for the high-street to pick up on the military look. Once the high-street is doing it, you KNOW it is a trend.
Lidia (L): I think the best way to follow a trend is when a true personal style shines through. Although trends by their nature indicate something that numerous people like, you should never feel pressured to dress a certain way. Sometimes, as a celebrity, I used to forget my own style and would just dress for the fans but now I make sure I'm wearing what I want to wear.
H: Yes, it is really important not to be someone else. Copying is so bad. You should always adapt a look to suit your own personal likes and dislikes. Dare to experiment!

Obviously fashion confidence is really important for leading trends...
L: Definitely! Be brave and try something different. After a while it just becomes second nature and it is so important to know yourself and have your own look at forcing yourself out of your fashion comfort zone sometimes is a good habit to get into.
O: My style has changed since I was a fashion student. I'm more natural and comfortable in my own skin now and I think I look and dress better for it.
H: I'm personally a hippy at heart and I travel a lot so I wear clothes which are comfy, practical and brightly coloured. I'm a Woodstock granny. One other thing I'd say in terms of finding looks that you are confident in is to pin-point a celebrity or an icon with a similar body shape to you. See what they wear, what looks good and what doesn't and learn from them.
L: I did that with Sarah Jessica Parker!

Inspiration is very important in fashion as it is a way of expressing yourself creatively and responding to the world around you. What else inspires you?
O: Everything inspires me. From modern art to architecture, street style to nature. I find inspiration everywhere in so many different sources. It comes so naturally now that I don't even think about it. It is better to let fashion just happen organically and evolve freely.

Speaking of evolution, what are the main trends going to be for the coming season?
O: During the next season we're going to be seeing a lot of prints, bright colours and intricate patterns, which is brilliant really because those looks are so versatile and timeless that they can be worn all year round really.
H: I always tell people to go back to their wardrobes and just rework their old outfits. Print-on-print for example is really in for next season but we might never have considered it in the past. In fact, the dress I have on right now is from Whistles... 21 years ago! I just call it 'vintage' now!

Lidia, what up-and-coming trends will you be pioneering in your new clothing line?
L: I've literally always loved fashion and I decided to share my passion for 1950's girly style with my fans. I am very lucky to have been able to use my fame as a platform to make this happen.

What advice could you each give someone who is interested in starting a career in fashion if they didn't have a fame platform?
H: I'd urge anyone interested in fashion careers to come along to Graduate Fashion Week in June. Its a great networking opportunity and a brilliant forum for finding out more about fashion education. I do think it is quite important to study something fashion-related in order to learn the theory behind the creative.
O: I know its a boring one, but everyone interested in fashion should really get themselves on a good internship... I did seven! I did two in Paris and five in London. I'll never forget the fantastic first-hand experience I gained of the fashion industry from my internships.
H: Oh yes, it is really important to be proactive in this industry.
O: Also, I think a deep-rooted knowledge of the high-street is quite important these days.

So we've spoken about celebrity-fashion collaborations now, how about designer-high-street collaborations now? Thoughts?
H: I think they are a brilliant way of helping the customer out in terms of finding cheaper, more-accessible alternatives to catwalk looks. Plus, it gives younger designers an opportunity to break into the industry. Take Mary Katrantzou and Topshop for example... great success.

If we were only going to buy one item this season, what should it be and why?
H: I think a belt is vital this season as the silhouettes are changing. Tighten your belt around last year's chunky cardigan or knitted jumper and wear it with a feminine mid-length skirt. Brilliant.
O: Separates are really in this year, but as Hilary says, the main thing is to maintain that classically feminine silhouette. I'd advise everyone to invest wisely and choose a versatile yet stand-out printed blouse.
L: I think brightly coloured heels are a must. Also, I think military jackets are amazing for elongating the body.

Finally, give us your Holy-Grail style tip...
H: Try, try and try again. Don't be afraid to try something random, and if you think you need to see how fifteen dresses look before buying The One, go for it. We have to kiss a lot of frogs before we find our princes in our love lives, and fashion is no different!
O: My tip is simple, mix high-street and designer.
L: For me it is all about courage. Be bold and brave whilst also making sure that the items you invest in are cost-effective and transferable.


I'm such a nerd... Most girls go to London Fashion Weekend to shop, meanwhile, I'm missing out on serious purchasing time so that I can gain some insider knowledge to share with all my readers! So what are your thoughts? How do you adapt trends? What would be your number one fashion pick for the season? What inspires the way you dress?

Love and snuggles...