Saturday, 9 February 2013

Can You Wear Glitter in Spring? Topshop Glitters...

I'm loving the fact that Spring fashions are slowly seeping onto the shop floors, really I am. But something inside me misses the glitters which covered our Winter 2012 fashions, so I thought I'd throw together this sparkly little blogpost as a review AND a reminisce. 

I managed to snap these Topshop glitters up in the sales in January and although I'm not 100% sure how I will be using them, I can't help myself from twisting the top of them periodically just to watch them twinkle! 

*So pretty!*

The loose powders come in these little pots with sprinkle tops attached (like you get in talcum powder). However, I took the sprinkle tops off as they just get in the way as far as I'm concerned! I got all four of these powders for just £4 and I think they are so gorgeous...

 *I think this colour is most likely going to be used the most as it will add a nice twinkle to a smoky eye*

*This is a cute snowy colour which will be really nice come Winter 2013... very Jack Frost-esque*

 *The gold is so striking, I'm tempted to add this over the top of a lip gloss for a unique look*

*These blue flecks would be so pretty as an eyeliner. I think they'd also be cool at the festivals in the summer to embellish my facepaint*

I also picked up these Louise Gray glitters for just £2 which I think would be beautiful with the right kind of nail art... I'd also like to see them at the inner and outer corners of my eyes and maybe even as a bindi... 

*The photo is VERY blurry (if ya hadn't noticed) but the blue ones on the left are heart-shaped, while the silver ones are circular*

I'm really keen to get practising with these glitters and find some cool ways of wearing them into summer. Do you have any ideas of how I can wear these? Do you think glitter should be reserved just for winter? Have you got any winter pleasures which you try to bring into the warmer months, beauty-related or otherwise? Ovaltine is one of my favorites. 

Love and snuggles

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