Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Pitch Perfect Film Review

I love going to the cinema. Literally, I love it. Buying the tickets, bickering with myself over whether to choose nachos or popcorn then inevitably going for both and watching the trailers all make my cinema experience one worth repeating every fortnight or so. And so far, 2013, has been a great year for films! Some weeks there have been two or three that I have wanted to see, and I already have a few on my list which are being released later in the year.

*I LOVE singing-related puns... Smack my PITCH up*

Anyway, I wanted to give a quick shout-out to one of my favorite films of January. Pitch Perfect (2013) is something between Easy A and Glee... only, imagine that all of those characters are in university and so are automatically more hilarious and more talented.

Apart from Anna Kendrick (of Twilight, Up in the Air, End of the Watch and more) and Brittany Snow (from John Tucker Must Die and Hairspray) the cast aren't exactly what I would call 'star studded'. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had obviously each been chosen due to their 'one-to-watch' status in the Young Hollywood category. Rebel Wilson (who appeared in Bridesmaids) was my absolute favorite character as she is so hilarious I found myself eagerly awaiting her witty one-liners and awesome comic timing.

*I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks Fat Amy (aka. Rebel Wilson) is amazing... here is a video of most of her best bits, but you have to see the film to really get her humour*

Of course, the comedy isn't the main focus of this film although it provides a fab backdrop to the musical plot which leads the movie. Pitch Perfect follows a female acapella voice choir competing to be the best of all the universities. There are standard 'thrills and spills' along the way, including a bitchy-girl battle, a 'I'msadandmopey' montage and a somewhat predictable love story. However, the brilliant sans-instrument mash-ups (including one which mixes Price Tag by Jessie J, Don't You Forget About Me by Simple Minds and Give Me Everything by Pitbull with Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars, Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus and Turn the Beat Around by Gloria Estefan), singing-related puns and an abundance of projectile vomiting really raise this film above what we would usually expect of a cheesy teen rom-com.

*This is the Bellas' final performance which includes the amazing mash-up I mentioned above. Prepare to be AMAZED*

I would definitely recommend Pitch Perfect, especially for a night out with the girls. Boys might not like this film as much as there aren't any guns (in spite of Fat Amy assuming she's been shot when someone throws a burrito at her...) Having said that, my boyfriend thought it was quite good and didn't complain once! 

Have you see Pitch Perfect? What would be your dream mash-up? Who can think of the best singing-related pun?

Love and snuggles

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