Tuesday, 20 September 2011

I've been a Naughty Little Blogger...

Hi guys... I feel as if I'm walking to the headmaster's office to receive a stern telling off for making the boys cry in the playground or something (which did actually happen once... I kicked Patrick Shaw in the goolies because he wouldn't leave me alone... moving on!)

I am so sorry I haven't blogged over the past couple of days! I went caravaning (can that be used as a verb?) in Wales with my grandparents this weekend, and as it is based in the butt-crack of nowhere, there was *insert dramatic music* NO INTERNET!!! I know, it was a traumatic experience, yet here I stand before you today, I stood in the face of adversity and came out the other side in one piece... "Thank you, thank you!"

So I got back from Wales on Sunday night, but was sick with some sort of pre-migraine type symptoms. Luckily they never developed into an ACTUAL migraine but still, feeling sick and dizzy with a kind of bruised feeling in your head is never good, so I went to bed super early.

Yesterday was Monday which I spent the entirety of getting ready for Marie Claire's latest in the Inspire and Mentor series; How to Get into Beauty with Estee Lauder. I did film a couple of videos for you along the way, such as my much-awaited (by all 20 of my readers...) Fall Haul video which I'm hoping to post up later today, and also a How I Do My Eyebrows Tutorial, which was kind of unplanned so I'm hoping to upload that later on in October, unless someone is having an eyebrow disaster right now and desperately needs the video... let me know in the comments box below!

Today I'm working for my parents at their milkshake bar The Hippy Hippy Shake from 1 until 5, then I assume I'll come home to have some dinner, get editing and posting that Haul Video, then I think I'll write a review of last night... I really had a fantastic time with Marie Claire, this is the third of this type of event I've been to, and each one has been really interesting so I urge all my readers to look out for future events of this kind at www.marieclaire.co.uk.

Now, I'm going to go take a shower and get myself ready for work, once again I apologize for my recent absence but promise that all the material I promised you on the 1st of September will be going up very soon :)

What are you up to today? Let me know!

gabriellasofia x


  1. Welcome back :D we missed you! We left a comment on your diets page with good suggestions like you asked of us xXx

  2. Haha, hey guys! Love the ideas you gave me... Only thing is that I need to try and keep the blog relatively pg-13 as my parents and aunties are readers and I don't want to shock them lol... currently having an inner debate about how to best to get away with blogging about bikini waxing next month before I even begin to consider writing about 'naughty' things that we may wish to do with our partners or alone... Maybe one day I'll work my way up to that though! Thanks for the suggestions, keep commenting and please keep reading :) Love