Thursday, 1 September 2011

Letter From the Editor: Welcome!

*My Moral For The Month...*

Dear Readers,

Finally having arrived back from what was shockingly quite a testing summer working in Walt Disney World, I am now as eager as ever to maintain my blog. My summer was incredible, really, it was.

My days off were some of the best in my life so far, and yet, Working for the Mouse taught me that when I do eventually choose my official career path, I can't just slog through five days a week just because my two days off are good fun. It has to be something which I'm passionate and excited about, something that gets me up and out of bed at the crack of dawn with a smile from ear to ear. While I was going about some menial task like using my 'Disney Point' (a two-finger point as it's apparently more polite) to direct the thousandth guest over to the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular which was clearly sign-posted for all to see, or explaining to a guest that, "Yes, the three o'clock parade is in fact at three o'clock" I remembered the words of Liz Earle and many a wise person before her... 'If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life.' I wondered to myself if I had ever worked such a job and immediately my work experience at Conde Nast Traveller leapt to mind.

My next few days were spent pining over how much I adored completing even the dullest tasks when working at the magazine; organizing the travel library, handing out the post or scouring the newspapers for the latest in travel news. I started to imagine where I want next for my work experience, or where I wanted to go to study my masters in magazine journalism and how I can work towards that. Of course, the first thing I thought of was by working on my blog. A platform which I can use daily to get my written word out there is invaluable to me and almost as soon as I thought it, I actually wished to myself that I was home, blogging on an almost daily basis.

So that's what I did. I came home. I came home early and terminated my Disney International College Program, changed my flight and three days later I was back on English soil.

With a new academic year comes a new look for my blog. I want this to be almost like an online magazine, a 'blogazine' if you will. Almost daily I will post various stories from fashion pieces, to beauty tutorial videos to relationship features and all that's in between. I have even posted my schedule for the month of September, just like a 'Contents' page so you know what is coming...
But enough of that, hopefully you'll all get used to the new look and can see just how much work I'm going to be putting into this blog from now on, so please tell your friends, get involved, rate, comment, like, follow and subscribe if you can; it would be a great help! :)

The moral of this 'Letter From the Editor' is that life is too short to waste it doing something you don't want to do. Don't get trapped by the financial stability, or the pride of the people around you, or even the ease of the tasks required of you. If you do then you run the risk of spending five sevenths of your life being painfully unhappy and I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Don't be afraid to be a quitter if it's really not what you want, and don't be afraid to shoot for something you think is totally out of your comfort zone. Follow your dreams, reach for the stars. You'll thank me one day :P



*What's in this month?*

2nd September - Video - Beauty - Tutorial: Sweat-Proof Make-Up
3rd September - Blog - Fashion - My Autumn Musts
4th September - Blog - Health - The Importance of a Balanced Diet and Frequent Exercise
5th September - Blog - Feature - Age Gaps in Relationships
6th September - Video - Beauty - Tutorial: The New Season Look
9th September - Blog - Beauty - Review: Lip Stain Comparison
10th September - Blog - Health - The Number-One Stress Related Syndrome in Young Adults
11th September - Video - Hair - Tutorial: The Re-Birth of the Hair Braid
12th September - Blog - Guest Feature
13th September - Blog - Beauty - Review: Clarins Eclat du Jour Range
16th September - Video - Fashion - A Mid-Month Haul!
17th September - Blog - Feature - Are You A Feminist?
18th September - Blog - Feature - Why Good Customer Service is More Vital Than Ever
19th September - Video - Beauty - Tutorial: A New Spin on the Smoky Eye
20th September - Blog - Beauty - Beauty Without Breaking the Bank
23rd September - Blog - Feature - How the Mouse Stole My Magic...
24th September -
Video - Nails - Tutorial: Disco Ain't Dead
25th September - Blog - Fashion - Who's That Girl?
26th September - Blog - Guest Feature
27th September - Blog - Fashion - How I'm Wearing the New Season's Trends...
30th September - Video - September Faves

Hope you enjoy this month's blog as much as I enjoyed writing it! What are you most excited for?
God bless

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