Friday, 9 September 2011

Review - Lip Tint Comparisons... Max Factor/Maybelline/Revlon

So following my initial disappointment in Max Factor's Lasting Lip Tint back in May (the review for which can be found at, I was determined not to let my desire to find the perfect felt-tip pen style lip stain go unfulfilled. Despite the fact that I was very disillusioned by this first go at the idea, I was still hopeful, and why shouldn't I be? It's a great concept... a non-transferable lip product with an applicator which allows for almost perfect precision... what more could any girl ask for? And so my mini-quest began. I tried the Max Factor one for a little while longer and my mind actually was ever-so-slightly altered as I realized that perhaps I'd been a little too hard on the product. Yet I still purchased the Revlon and Maybelline equivalents just to be sure
that I was using the best on the drug-store market... here's my story...

Max Factor's Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint in Berry Burst £7.99 at

So when I tried the product the first time, as the blog linked above suggests, I was really unimpressed. The color wasn't very strong, it didn't last very long, the brush molted (for lack of a better word) felt-y spots
of pink material all over my lips, my lips were dry and the color actually bled quite a lot before drying permanently. But then I gave it a few more tries just to give Max Factor a chance and the Lip Tint actually grew on me. I liked the sweet but subtle taste, the color was actually quite alluring and provided I didn't lick my lips a lot or eat the color stayed put. I didn't think much of the pen tip after I'd tried the other products as the felt used was obviously not very good quality and it allowed the product to dry out really easily, meaning that nowhere near enough of the product could be applied. Basically it still left much to be desired... Scorecard time!

Staying Power - 6/10
Flavor - 8/10
Color - 6/10
Softness of lips - 2/10
Applicator - 6/10
Product dispersal - 5/10
Packaging - 8/10
Value for money - 3/10

TOTAL 44/80

Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain and Balm in Gothic £7.99 at

This product gave me a good feeling, particularly as part of the problem with the Max Factor version was the dryness in my lips afterwards... when I used Lasting Lip Tint I actually had to purchase a new tube of Carmex (£2.69 at because my lips were so raw. My initial optimism for this product was not unfounded...
I love Just Bitten. The felt tip is really thick and soft, meaning that when you apply the product it glides on smoothly. The formula is nice and thin upon first touch which is exactly what I want as it allowed my lips to get an even coating before it set dry (but not too dry!) on my lips, plus, somehow, despite this fluid consistency, it didn't bleed past the lip-line I'd outlined with the pen before complete application. The color was
really vibrant and didn't need a second application, suggesting that you get more out of your money and the product will last longer in my make-up bag, RESULT!
It's almost unfair to judge the lip balm at the other end of the pen, as the other two tints don't have one, but you know what, shame on them! They really should have a balm, and I am eternally grateful to Revlon for attaching one. In fairness, it's not the best lip-balm I've ever used, and yet it does the job. Keeps your lips moist enough to allow the product to feel comfortable on your mouth. On the other hand, using the balm does mean that the product is no longer non-transferable, although perhaps that is just in my experience, as I saw a faintly colored lip-balm stain on my wine glass during dinner. Then again, this is a sacrifice I'm prepared to make as the look and feel of this product is worth putting up with that minor inconvenience! Only thing I noticed lacking was a scent or flavor... I'm not particularly fussed about that though!

Staying Power - 8/10 without the balm 7/10 with the balm (it still gets 7 as it was only really the balm that came off and not so much the actual color, which is totally acceptable in my book!)
Flavor - 5/10 (no flavor at all... inoffensive, so I don't mind.)
Color - 10/10
Softness of lips - 9/10
Applicator - 9/10
Product dispersal - 10/10
Packaging - 8/10
Value for money - 9/10

TOTAL -68 and a half/80

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstain in Shy Red costing £5.99 at

I was pretty impressed with this product as I found it better than Max Factor's Lip Tint even though it was £2 cheaper. Although it still didn't quite beat Revlon's Just Bitten...
Whilst the consistency of the formula was similar to Just Bitten, thin, easy to apply and non-transferable once dry, it actually didn't give as much color as I would have liked. Having said that, the flavor and scent of
the formula was really pleasant. Plus, the tip of the pen was really good at lining my lips as the point of it was particularly sharp so it was easy for me to sketch and extend my natural lip-line a little further out, making for a plumper lip-look.
One thing I absolutely did not like about this product (and I know I'm just being a product snob here...) is that the packaging looks super tacky. I don't even like the name. I'm sure I can get over it though, I mean the price is right and the product is an excellent base to any lipstick meaning that even when you're lippy fades, or rubs off, your lips still look a healthy rosy color. Epic success. Let's get down to business...

Staying Power - 8/10
Flavor - 10/10
Color - 7/10
Softness of lips - 7/10
Applicator - 7/10
Product dispersal - 7/10
Packaging - 2/10
Value for money - 8/10

TOTAL - 56/10


So there is a clear winner! Revlon actually did the best this time. I practically have nothing to complain about their product apart from that a sweet flavor would be a welcome feature. In terms of good value for money, it's fantastic, because you get a long-lasting lip stain AND a smooth moisturizing lip balm for just £7.99. On another point, you really can't go too far wrong with the Maybelline option as whilst it isn't perfect, it is priced fairly and generally is a satisfactory product.

Anyway, let me know what your experienced have been with these products. Perhaps you know some other alternatives and can help me on my search for a perfect lip tint? Until I find such a product, I'm pretty content to work with Revlon's Just Bitten!

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Love you all


  1. Tottaly agree babe. I recently tried Revlon's colorstay liquid lipstick and I liked it a lot, it definetely lasted for a long time and it was very pigmented, however, as we can see with most of these type of products, the dryness they leave on the lips is quite unpleasant, but just a bit of Yves Rocher's lipbalm (my favourite :D) and it was sorted! So i definetely have to check the Just Bitten one. Thanks a lot for the recommendation, love your reviews bb, though I don't always comment. Keep chic!
    Love ya!
    Adriana x

  2. Thanks for reading chick! Ooooh, Yves Rocher... I'll have to try that one as I'm getting a bit bored of Carmex. Thanks for the comment, keep reading for many more reviews to come :) Love you x