Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Review - Clarins Eclat du Jour Range...

When I was wandering through Boots in my hometown the other day, I was delighted when I was approached by a Clarins representative, telling me that I could claim three 'Mini-Treats' from Clarins' Eclat du Jour range and have my skin evaluated for free right then and there. Never one to give up a great freebie, my sister and I both went for it!

The lovely lady took a look at our skin and asked us a few questions; you know the sort, 'Are you prone to breakouts?', 'How would you describe your skin's overall health?' etc. So you know, I would say that I am prone to breakouts, around my chin in particular (she determined that this is hormone-based, and when I admitted that these breakouts arrive about a week before my period it was official). I also said that my T-Zone kind of alternates between being greasy and dry. And so it was decided - I have Combination Skin. Once my sister skin was described as falling into the 'Dry' the lady gave is a mini-catalogue each, circling the skincare routine (and hence items) which would be right for us on a daily basis. She then left us for a couple of minutes, and when she returned she had three mini-products for each of us; a cleanser, toner and moisturizer for me, and a cleanser, exfoliating peel and moisturizer for my sister. She showed us how each of the items work (the peel was particularly interesting... whilst I don't fully understand the science behind it, it basically dissolves and dis-attaches the dry skin from your face allowing it all to be rubbed off... definitely an investment I might make in the future!) It was as easy as that! In ten minutes we got three mini Clarins products that were specifically chosen for our skin to go and try in the comfort of our own home for FREE!!! Result :) The best part? The lady on the counter admitted that most Clarins counters provide this service all year round, even though they may not advertise it, so next time you're in Boots or a department store with a Clarins counter, just run along, say something like, 'I'm interesting in purchasing some Clarins
skincare products for my daily routine, but I'd like some samples to try first, could you please help me?' They should be willing and eager if my Boots-lady is anything to go by!

Anyways, so naturally we tried the range as soon as we got home and the mini-products have actually lasted me a whole week when I used them once a day. I can honestly say that the condition of my skin has massively improved. Here are the products I was given and a quick review on each:

Product name: Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel

Product claim: 'A refreshing foaming cleanser that leaves your face squeaky clean and super soft. Essential skin care for radiant young skin.'

Personal experience: Despite not usually liking foaming cleansers, I actually got on quite well with this. A pea-sized amount was enough for my entire
face and worked up a very rich lather, feeling really luxurious and creamy. Plus the product smells very refreshing and pleasant, although not usually what I would go for... I prefer menthol, or minty smells in my cleansers. Despite my anticipation during use that my face would feel quite moist following use of the product due entirely to the richness of the lather, I was actually quite disappointed as my face felt really quite tight after I'd rinsed it all off and dried my face. However, upon close inspection of my pores, my face was indeed cleaner than it probably had been for a while. I soon got used to the drying quality and I have had quite a 'clear skin week' since starting use
of the product. Also, my skin was super-soft after I'd used it and it was a great wake-up call in the morning Perhaps I'm onto a winner! 8/10

Price in store: £10.50 at www.boots.com

Product name: Clarins Daily Energizer Wake-Up Booster

Product claim: 'Recharges skin energy and revives a healthy glow. Its moisturizing action
ensure a soft, smooth look while its toning benefits refresh and provides a pleasant feeling of well-being. The complexion is radiant and luminous.'

Personal experience: I don't often use toners, and when I do I only use them in the evening to remove any excess make-up my cleanser may have missed. Again the scent was pleasant and the product did remove the remaining traces from the day. However, I did not feel that the action carried out by the product was 'moisturizing' at all, as again I experience the tight, drying feeling. Then again, maybe that is due to my skin being 'toned' as I assume 'toner' is supposed to do... I did like the product, but wouldn't use it every, perhaps only those when I wear make-up as I'm concerned it might dry me out a little too much and it's not very comfortable once it's been used. Again though, it did revive me when I tried it in the morning one day as it's a nice cool liquid with a refreshing smell. Not bad. 6/10

Price in store: £15.00 at www.boots.com

Product name: Clarins Daily Energizer Cream Gel

Product claim: 'A refreshing and light cream-gel that delivers ideal hydration and a matte finish. Non-oily, it’s also a perfect base for make-up. An innovative combination of plant extracts. An energizing cream-gel that refreshes skin, ensures a matte result and ideal moisture balance all day long.'

Personal experience: I can't quite decided how I feel about this product as I usually prefer a thicker, creamier formula. However in this case, the moisturizer is in fact a gel. This is in order to combat any oiliness that may reside in my skin, and I do understand that... And yet I still felt quite tight all over and didn't quite enjoy that sensation. When I was spreading it across my face I felt it turn powdery and matte almost instantly so I eventually worked out that patting it across my face worked better. That isn't to say I didn't like the mattifying effect - quite the opposite, it worked wonders during my foundation routine and I used way less powder than usual - I just didn't want it to dry before it had reached all areas of my face. I found it really interesting that a gel such as this could have as nice an effect as a thicker cream! Great success on the whole, plus I loved the smell. My face stayed pretty matte all day as the brand claims, so I was really quite impressed! 8/10
Price in store: £19.50 at www.boots.com

Overall I was really happy with Clarins. I love a brand which has enough confidence in itself that they provide product samples for free - they know that you'll come back and buy. I am almost positive that once my Liz Earle products are all run out I will be investing in the Clarins cleansing gel and the cream gel also.

So now you know how great my experience with the brand has been, it's up to you! Take care of your skin and don't stay with the products you already have, just because you're used to them. There may be better for you out there, so request samples whenever you can. Your face is on show every day, don't you think it deserves the right treatment? Make sure you make Clarins your first stop!

Take care and thanks for reading :)


  1. love love love your reviews they are super helpful thankyou! My boyfriend also enjoyed your healthy diet post, i cant think why :P i'm not sure who enjoyed the pictures more him or me. Keep up the great work xXx

  2. Thanks baby! So glad to hear there's someone out there that reads these posts :) Do you have a blog? If you have any requests please let me know and comment as often as you can! I love replying to my readers... on the off chance they comment me! Haha, your cheeky boyfriend eh?! He wouldn't be liking my 'Healthy Diet Post' if I did one now... it should be called the 'Eating-Like-A-Pig-Since-I-Got-Back-From-America Post' :P Thanks for reading once again :) x