Saturday, 24 December 2011

Beauty Professionals Speak!

So just in time for all those Christmas Eve parties I've been able to get the most Christmas-related beauty dilema asked to me by my readers, and put it forth to some of the beauty editors of top magazines including the likes of Marie Claire, Stylist, Company, Elle and More! magazine. To read my full introductory post to this exciting new feature, click here.

So for this post, I put forth a question asked on my Facebook page not long ago by Kate 15, from Shropshire. She briefly asked me on chat, 'I need to know how to apply glitter in a subtle way... I don't want everyone to look at me like I'm a weirdo but I want it to be noticeable enough that I'll get a couple of compliments. Can your editors help me in time for Christmas Eve?' Well, never fear Kate! Sarah Jane Biggs Beauty Editor of More! magazine wanted to take this one, and here is what she came up with...

Short but sweet, Sarah Jane simply said,

'I love BeneFit's Lust Dusters. Gorgeous colours and just a hint of glitter/shimmer x' 

And since I'm such an epic fan of beneFit my self, I took the initiative to head out and purchase one of these bad boys.

Retailing at just £14 on the beneFit website, these little pots of glitter-pigment are perfect for a sprinkling of sparkle if you don't want to be brassily glitter-fied! Similar to BarryM's Dazzle Dust, this is basically a container with a very loose powder inside, who's glitters are so tiny, it appears from afar almost like a luxury shimmer shadow, but up close twinkles in the light. Most of the colours available are pastel shades, which is great as they highlight your eyes and even though they come in a couple of brighter pastels (like the blue shade  'boom boom' and the green shade I got, named 'moon doggie') they are also suggested by beneFit themselves to be used also as a subtle highlighter on cheekbones!

So here is what a Lust Duster looks like in the pot... Mine's the one on the right...

And now, on the face...

As you can see, I've kept things relatively simple for the rest of my face with just a nice reddish lip, a slightly rosy cheek, a slick of black gel liner and a couple of coats of black mascara. I used Urban Decay's Primer Potion for underneath the dust (vital with loose powders as they can slide easily) but for the actual eyelid, the Lust Duster dominates all!

So I'd like to thank Sarah Jane Biggs of More! magazine tons for her contribution this week! Each week I will be putting a question to the beauty editors, and one of them will respond, so keep your questions coming girls! I've already got a post on keeping winter lips soft, and another on keeping hair healthy in the miserable weather conditions on there way, but please ask me some more questions, as I really want this to be an interactive feature where my readers are fellow beauty bloggers can get proper answers from the women in the know.

So what do you think? Have you tried the Lust Dusters yet? Do you know any other subtle glitter products to help Kate out? Would you wear a green pigment as a cheekbone highlight? Let me know...



  1. Dear Gabbi,
    i find your blog misleading to say the least. Upon your previous blog, in which you said you were getting such prestigious beauty editors involved, I decided to follow your blog avidly for this ground breaking event. Imagine my disapointment to find this is not the revolutionary step, that combines girls with teenage blogs and major beauty editors (some may say the best of both worlds). I thought you would be sat in your box room with the likes of Sarah Jane, sweating over what would be the best conclusion for glittery eye make up. Yet in reality, you seem to have copied and pasted an off the hand comment from an unrelated beauty article, which isn't even that enightening. If this was a major publication, some may call it false advertising. However, as this is just a small blog, we do not need to involve the law. Yet i hope you are aware me, and many other fans, are so upset and disapointed that, dare i say, christmas is ruined.

  2. LOL false advertising! Involving the law?! Christmas is ruined?! What a hilairious comment to leave. If you are such an 'avid follower', why not post under your GFC username? Your life is obviously super sad if someones blog has ruined Christmas for you and you feel the need to anonymously slate them. Jealous much? Feel free to come and anonymously comment on my blog :D Idiot.

  3. As a serious blog writer 'Vikki' you should understand very simple literary techniques such as SARCASM and IRONY. Can you really comprehend someone suggesting a little blog 'ruining' christmas to the extent they involved the law? a serious literary criticism would pick up on the bad spelling in the comment, not the obvious satire of this cringey blog.

  4. Lol why did you put my name in quotation marks? And indeed I understand sarcasm, but youre just sad. Also I have no idea what youre on about anyway. Its Gabbis blog, if you dont like it get over it. Your blog is obv not even good, as you post ananymously! HAHA.

  5. I apologize for not replying sooner, I've just had better things to do with my Christmas Eve so far than wasting my time on haters... Nonetheless, I've found the time to reply now, so here goes.
    I'm sorry if you actually felt like I'd led you on in any way in my introductory post to this feature. I have briefly scanned my work to confirm that I totally disagree with the slanderous statement that I've misled you or any of my readers. However, as you insist on taking such great offense as to post such a lengthy comment, in which you've clearly tried so hard to patronize my good friend Vikki and I, I must assume that I've genuinely upset you somehow... I can assure you that this was not my intention at all.
    I do attempt to be as honest as I possibly can with each and every post I publish, and I will take the time to review the accusations made in your comment, and if I get really bored one day, I may reply to you in full with regards to what you've said here.
    My final point is that whilst I do of course respect everyone's opinions, I won't tolerate time wasters or cowards. I will leave your recent comments available for public viewing until I have time to consider whether they are fair or not, but I will suggest using a slightly more mature and reasonable tone (I would preferably like you to master the art of doing this without trying to patronize with your garb on Lit Crit Theory thanks, as not all of my readers specialize in this area, unlike you and I) and also going ahead and using your GFC user name. That is of course assuming that you aren't typing complete BS when you state that you are a follower... I've kept an eye on my stats and followers today, and haven't lost a single one... in fact I've gained a few thanks to this little controversy you've stirred up, so I must express my gratitude!
    Anyway, as I say, I'll give it a little thought, and I'm very sorry that my 'small blog' has driven you to produce such an embarrassingly pathetic attempt at satire, irony and (last but not least, the lowest form of wit...) sarcasm. In the same way as I'm not making any 'ground breaking' or 'revolutionary steps' with my beauty blog (I fear your expectations of me may have been outrageously high if you were expecting the beauty editors to travel to my home and spend hours 'sweating' over the best products out there... your vivid imaginations astonishes me, I must say... anyway, I digress), I'm afraid you've a long way to go before being added to the list of great British satirists of years gone by... I tell you what, if you study your Cook, Miller and Swift whilst I study my blog then maybe we can both do better next time?
    I must express my sympathy that you took time out of the holiday to post something so malicious and full of animosity :( Nonetheless, thanks for your input, I'll be reviewing the statements made.