Thursday, 22 December 2011

Review: J'adore by Dior Eau De Parfum

Having recently written about all of the gorgeous perfume adverts on the television at the moment, I've decided to pick my top few adverts and see if the impression I get from watching the adverts matches the actual scent. You can see my perfume ad post named Don't Judge a Book by its Cover... or a Perfume by its Advert! here.

I've already reviewed the beautiful Valentina by Valentino Eau de Parfum here and I decided that I'd like to mix things up a bit by doing a review of a totally different scent next. Dior J'adore is perhaps one of the most iconic television adverts at the moment, starring Charlize Theron amongst three Hollywood starlets of years gone by, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Marlene Dietrich. The spanning of generations throughout the catwalk-themed advert suggests that this fragrance is timeless and will suit any woman of any age, as long as she's aware of our inner-screen siren (don't pretend you don't have one, you know you do!) 

So let's get down to business. J'adore by Dior retailers, Boots, simply say:

Inspired by J’adore, Fran├žois Demachy created a fragrance made in the image of precious gold, from the choice of raw materials to the composition, and from the texture to the colour of the perfume.

Well, retailing at the hefty fine of £85 for just 40ml of product, I would expect the bottle to be made of solid gold and the perfume to be liquid gold. But that's just me. Of course I didn't spend anywhere near that much for this review... in fact, I spent nothing at all! 

I was lucky enough to receive a free sample size of this extortionately priced item... And whilst I can admit that I simply would never spend £85 for 40ml of ANYTHING, I can also concede that this perfume is absolutely lush!

Now, I'll be the first to confess that I know absolutely nothing about perfume. I know that I get So Hooked on Carmella by benefit cosmetics and it's sweet and not to pricey. That's where my perfume knowledge starts and finishes. This is kind of what made me realize how great J'adore is!

Despite being a total and utter novice at perfume sniffing (the equivalent to wine tasting, but with sniffing instead... and perfume but no wine...) I automatically smelt a hint of rose and also a kind of sweet, exotic something too. As it turns out, when I checked the bouquet on the official J'adore by Dior website I soon found that I was also smelling Jasmine and Ylang Ylang, two scents which I have since gone out of my way to smell in my parents' shop (they sell essential oils and other gift-wares) and recognized from this perfume.

I'd almost say that there is a slightly spicy element to J'adore, which isn't at all unpleasant. In fact, each time I smell it, I find the spiciness kind of grows on me, although I'm not sure exactly what it is that creates this spice... 

This is definitely a more floral-based scent, and I find it quite strong and obvious as a perfume but I mean this in the best possible way. I gave myself a spritz this morning on all of my pulse points and when I rub those points, I could still smell it at 9pm before my evening shower. I feel like this perfume is slightly more sophisticated than the rebellious Valentina in my previous review. This is more a scent for a woman who know where she is, she's in control of her life and is happy with it. For this reason I would suggest that it may be more suitable to a slightly older consumer base than Valentina. Perhaps perfect for a career woman, or someone who has learnt a lot about the people around her over the years, and is nobody's door mat. She's not wearing this scent to entice boys, or gain friends, or achieve compliments. She's simply wearing it because she loves it, and it loves her right back! It suits her to a T.

I wonder if Christian Dior knew that this perfume would be favored by a more sophisticated woman than a flirty girl. After all, it can't be just a coincidence that his preferred shape in a feminine body features an "accentuated bust and hips, the waistline of a princess" a figure usually associated with a seductive woman, which the figure 8 line of the bottle echoes, can it?

To conclude, J'adore is a beautifully confident, feminine and no-nonsense fragrance in which the sweetness of the floral bouquet is off-setted with that mysterious spicy scent which I still can't seem to pinpoint. The most important thing if purchasing this perfume is knowing the person who you are buying it for... Does she know what glamour is? If so, her and a bottle of J'adore by Dior will get on like a house on fire!

Have you tried this scent yet? Would you spend £85 on a 40ml Eau de Parfum? What is that spiciness that I can smell??? Tell me I'm not going crazy!



  1. I agree. Two of the most significant notes of this perfume are floral and fruity notes.
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    1. Thanks for that :)