Friday, 18 January 2013

Creative Writing... Five-Minute Fridays: Cherished

I spotted a hashtag recently on Twitter called '#FMFParty' and as I hate not being invited to a party, I decided to click and find out what I was missing out on. I am so glad I clicked on the hashtag now! Basically, the deal is simple, every Friday, LisaJo Baker posts a prompt word on her blog for us all to whip up a bit of creative writing about. You only get five minutes to write and you aren't allowed to go back or change anything. It is kind of a stream-of-consciousness writing challenge which I love! I've loved writing since I was a very little girl and it is something which I practice regularly, especially as I'd like to try and get a novel published before the time I am 23... a bit ambitious I know, but that gives me just over a year so maybe I can manage. Plus, a bit of ambition never hurt anyone. Anyway, on with the challenge. The word we have been provided with is 'Cherished' so here goes...



I had always been their pride and joy, from the moment I was born. And yet it wasn't until now, when I stood in the face of potential death, that I really felt the most loved, the True Baby of the family. As I stepped up to the stage, the warmth of my family's presence surrounded me, acting as a forcefield which forced the glares and stares of my enemies to rebound. 

As I looked up into the Mind Master's cold shallow eyes, I knew then and there that this was not going to be an easy task. Regardless, I stepped past him to the microphone and stated my name, 'Rosabella Henley', before slipping into my place in line to hear the next number be called. 

They gazed up at me, each of them crossing their fingers, hoping and praying that the worst would not happen, my father and my six sisters, but my eyes were drawn to those of my grandmother. She was the only one who looked as if her heart was genuinely breaking. The chance alone that I might be the most unlucky of the seven seemed too much for her. The thought that I, her life-long Favorite, might be throw into the maze rather than the other youths with whom I shared the stage, poured out of her eyes as they screamed, 'I love you so much... You, little Rosa, are my soul-mate and I will never find another.' Our kindred spirits clutched onto one another as I never broke eye-contact, and we waited. 


So there you go, that's what I came up with in five minutes. I know it isn't fab and there are probably a bunch of grammar errors, but I don't think it is terrible for a topic which I hadn't prepared on. I love this tag. It just reminds me of why I started blogging; I love to write!

Have you taken part in the #FMFParty? If so, what is your link? Have you or any of your friends ever written or published a novel?

Love and snuggles