Friday, 4 January 2013

GabriellaSofia's 2012 Holy Grail of Beauty... Part 3

Fancy seeing you here! Back for Part 3 of my 2012 Holy Grain of Beauty? Well, welcome! I've really enjoyed choosing my favourite products for these awards but I'm even more excited about the products which I am hoping to but in 2013. Its great being able to write my Must Buy list on my blog so I can't forget what I am saving up for. Anyway, let's see what other products are on my 'Re-Purchase For 2013' list...


Eye Liner...

In First Place... I am actually really disappointed with 2012 in terms of eye liner. I have tried many and thought they were fine, but not a single product has really stood out to me this year. Even my beloved Fabuliner felt-tip liner by INCOLOUR in the USA didn't cut the mustard this year as it has been fading and transferring to my upper-lid. Other products which haven't set my loins alight include Maybelline's Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner, Benefit's BadGAL, Soap and Glory's Smoulder Kohl and Barry M's Liquid Liner. Disappointing.
Must Buy In 2013... I just need a good eye-liner that won't transfer to my upper-lid or melt in the outer corners of my eyes. Any suggestions?


In First Place... I have to say that the DiorShow New Look mascara has been my favorite of the year, although I never actually bought it. I was provided with a sample by the Dior counter in my local Debenhams and fell in love. I will be buying one of these in 2013.
Honourable Mention Goes To... Revlon and their Grow Luscious mascara is a real drugstore hit in my opinion!
In My Bad Books... They're Real! by Benefit has disappointed me immensely as the ring inside the tube  which is supposed to remove some of the product before you take the wand out has disattached, so my mascara wand is always CAKED in thick black product meaning that it then transfers to my lashes.
Must Buy In 2013... DiorShow New Look mascara is on my list.


In First Place... Revlon's Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie has been my most worn lip product of the year. So hydrating, a lovely warm natural colour and very reasonably priced, Revlon, I salute you!
Honourable Mention Goes To... My MAC lipstick in New York Apple with a Frost finish. The colour is so rosy and looks great with any makeup look.
Must Buy In 2013... I am really keen to try the £1 MUA lipsticks which bloggers rave about. I'm not sure how the quality will be what with them being so cheap but I'll soon find out.


In First Place... I have to award the top prize to Royal and Langnickel's SILK Pro GreenLine 12 piece brush set. I got gifted this set by the company at IMATS at the beginning of last year and they are still standing strong. The brushes are eco friendly, really soft and dense and don't shed. Top marks!
Honourable Mention Goes To... I really like the ECO Tools range. They are great value for money and last for ages!
Must Buy In 2013... I am keen to try out all of the Real Techniques brushes as they are obviously going to be great, what with being created by Youtube beauty guru Samantha Chapman.


In First Place... Carmella by Benefit will ALWAYS win in the perfume stakes for me I think... It is just so sweet like candy and that's exactly what I like to smell in a perfume.
Honourable Mention Goes To... My lovely boyfriend surprised me with Sweetheart by Ghost one day during my lunch break at work and I couldn't have chosen it better myself. It is very sweet but also kind of floral which makes it more subtle and wearable than my Benefit scent. Then again, what else did I expect? I've loved Ghost since the first time I tried their original perfume in the tall light blue bottle.


In First Place... Trevor Sorbie's Beautiful Volume Shampoo is a great product for me and genuinely does seem to keep my curls big and fluffy for longer than any other product I've tried before.
Must Buy In 2013... I'm desperately looking for an anti-dandruff shampoo that really works. I know its really embarrassing, but I do get the occasional dry scalp, so 2013 will be the year that I cure it with the right shampoo. I hope.


In First Place... My Trevor Sorbie Beautiful Volume Leave-In Conditioner has turned me into someone who really trusts leave in products. I never used to use leave-in conditioner until I got gifted this last Christmas. It keeps my hair silk, shiny and tangle free until the next time I wash it. And it smells really good too.
In My Bad Books... The Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner really disappointed me. I just doesn't have the same effect as the Trevor Sorbie one, plus it makes my hair really heavy and weighs my curls down.
Must Buy In 2013... I'm dying for some kind of Argan Oil conditioning product in 2013. If you have any recommendations, let me know!


The fourth and final instalment of my 2012 Holy Grail of Beauty will be posted up tomorrow, so make sure you head back to find out what are my best cleansers, toners, moisturizers and serums of the year. Also, I'll be crowning my favorite beauty brand of 2012, so that should be fun.

Can you recommend me a good eyeliner, anti-dandruff shampoo and Argan Oil conditioner? Have you ever tried the MUA £1 lipsticks or Real Techniques brushes? Which beauty brand do you predict will be my favourite of 2012?

Love and snuggles


  1. The MUA lipsticks are really good, as is the eyeshadow primer they do! I was surprised at the quality but it's so much better than you'd expect. Real techniques brushes are probably the most raved about things at the minute aha but really they are worth it, i use all of them on a daily basis and prefer them over most of my Mac brushes!
    Zoe |

    1. I have three MUA lipsticks now :) I'm so excited to put them to the test. I might buy the primer now you've said that too as I need one that is cheaper than Urban Decay's Primer Potion... I also thankfully got given a bunch of Real Techniques Brushes for Christmas so I've been practising :)