Sunday, 27 January 2013

Ted Baker Goodies

Just a couple of months ago I reviewed Ted Baker's Workshop Accessories line here so they reached out to me to say, "Thank You". I think that is so sweet because brands don't often offer thanks when you write nice things about them... its something which would be so easy for them to do, and yet, as not many of them do it, those that do really stand out. On top of the, "Thank You" email, they asked me to send them my home address, so on Thursday, I received this lovely package in the post...

*Even the box is luxurious!* 

*All of my lovely goodies! I was brimming with excitement when I saw the silver book...*

*It was a diary! Which is EXACTLY what I have been wanting to buy for ages! I love writing my appointments and days out and so on, so this will end up being really super-duper useful.*

*I got a lovely pink iPhone case which is very gorgeous... Sadly, I don't have an iPhone though, and I don't plan on getting one, so you may see this in a giveaway soon!*

*Ted also sent me this little catalogue full of beautiful pictures...*

*... See! How gorgeous is this picture? I am going to be cutting them all out and creating a collage soon because I think its a travesty to keep the photographs confined to the pages of this catalogue*

*Ted also sent me this little envelope...*

*... Which held this sweet little note inside. Such a nice touch!*

I am so touched that Ted is a brand which actually reaches out and thanks bloggers like this. Before reviewing their men's accessories collection, I hadn't really considered them as a brand I would buy from, perhaps purely because it is not readily available to purchase in my hometown. However, I have since been searching their website and looking through their products and I am now really lustful for everything they have! I'm really excited to work with Ted Baker in the future and I want to say how appreciative I am of the gifts I received.

Have you every bought anything from Ted Baker? Do you know of any other brands who are so sweet to bloggers? How would y'all feel if I put my iPhone case into a giveaway?

Love and snuggles


  1. Aww that's really sweet of them. I did a blog post about a week ago with the same title hehe I loved the whole ted baker collection over christmas and had to stop myself buying it all, im still looking at the macbook case though so maybe just one thing... lol :) xx

  2. That's so lovely . Love the photo case ! My iPhone would ja dore it lol. Great post Hun xx

  3. This is actually really nice! I haven't seen this kind of thing often so it's brilliant that they take notice of blog reviews! Really shows that they do pay attention.

    Great work Ted Baker!

  4. That is really nice of them! I've not heard of many brands doing this but it's a great PR move for them x

  5. That's such a great perk, shows that the company really cares about their customer :)

    Much love,
    Jennifer x