Monday, 19 November 2012

Blog Sale: Topshop, Abercrombie and Fitch, Miss Selfridge, Delia's, Gap, Forever 21, American Eagle and River Island

Hello Cheeky Bunnies :)

So I could do with making a bit of money at the moment because I'm planning another travelling excursion. On top of all that, I did a serious hunt through all of my clothes (as my room is full of them!) and realized I have so many items which deserve good owners who will give them the wearing they well and truly deserve... As much as it kills me, these are the first few items which I am going to sell:

My Size 10 Gap Shorts are really nice and good quality. However, they are a little big for me... to be honest, I'd say they are closer to a size 12, which is why I've listed them as such. I tried them on a couple of times but never wore them because they were a little too baggy. My friend tried them on once and I was amazed by how they can hug the right body in all the best places... her big butt looked great in them! The bids start at £0.99.

I'd always wanted a pair of these Topshop Hot Pants so I snapped them right up in the sale. Sadly, these too ended up being closer to a size 12 than a 10 so didn't fit me like I wanted them to. They are sexy with a relatively high waist and they show a nice bit of butt cheek if you have the right figure :P The bids start at £0.99.

These Grey Short Shorts from American Eagle would look awesome with a crisp white t-shirt and flip-flops or gladiator sandals. Once again, these shorts were slightly too big for me, so would fit a size 12 comfortably... Are you sensing a pattern here? I have a thing about girls with big butts in short shorts haha :) They are super flattering and show off the curves which you know you have! Bidding starts at £0.99.

This Abercrombie and Fitch Denim Mini Skirt is one of the things which hurts me the most to get rid of, as every time I've seen it in my drawer I've wanted to wear it, and I've tried it on a few times. However, it has just been one of those things I've never got round to wearing so I've decided enough is enough and I'm sure there is someone out there who would wear it as often as it deserves! This skirt would fit a UK size 10 the best and would look great with some sky-scraper wedges on a holiday. The bidding starts at £0.99.

I feel like a stuck record but these Yellow Floral Delia's Shorts were such beauties when I spotted them in the States but they just don't fit right :( These are for girls with a size 10 waist and a size 12 butt as they felt a little loose on me. I love the intricate floral design though and they would look great with a pair of booties and a blazer for winter. Unsurprisingly, the bidding starts at just £0.99.

These Miss Selfridge Floral Denim Shorts are just too cute. I'm just gutted to be selling these but they just don't fit :( I tried on the size 10 in store and they were a little too snug so just went ahead and purchased the 12's but when I got them home I found them too large. Its a real shame because I thought they'd look great for festivals this summer with wellies, but it just never happened :( The bidding starts at £0.99.

This Lacy Topshop Crop Top looked absolutely gorgeous on the hanger in store, but as a bigger busted lady I have to admit it really wasn't very flattering for me as it just made my boobs look overwhelming! Its a great item for a chick wanting to draw more attention up-top though as it gives the impression of a bigger bust. Plus, the lacy embroidery is just so cute. It will fit a size 10 best. Bids start at £0.99. 

This Floral Cotton Mini Dress from Topshop is so comfy as a simple throw-over during the summer. It looks equally good with heels and a denim jacket for the evening though. It will fit a size 10 best as the elastic waist can make things a little uncomfortable as it could cut into anyone bigger. I've never worn this but was always saving it for a day when my legs would be brown... Sad times! The bidding starts at £0.99

This little Topshop White Lace Vest Top is one of those things that I've bought in the pas thinking, 'Ahhh that will look amazing with skinny jeans' and in the heat of all the excitement I forgot one major thing... I DON'T WEAR JEANS. Idiot brains. Anyway, it will fit a size 12 the best, but looks cute and slouchy on a size 10 frame too. The bidding starts at £0.99.

As you can see this Pastel Green River Island Top actually still has its tag attached because once upon a time I thought I had a belly worth showing off... Whoops! HAHAHA :) Just kidding, we all know tops like this look awesome with high waisted skirts, shorts and jeans but to be honest, its just not my style... I've never owned anything in this colour before and don't really know how to work it. I'm sure you can though! Will be comfiest on a size 10 but would suit a size 12 too. Bidding starts at £0.99 

This Full Topshop Mini Skirt can be so adorable with a tiny cropped t-shirt, a belt and heels. The reddy-pinky polka dots MAKE this skirt worth wearing. Plus its really short which automatically makes it sexy, but with it being quite a full skirt too it moves in an amazing way... You all know the feeling you used to get when you spin and your skirt flies up and you feel like a naughty princess... that's the feeling you'll get with this skirt on. It will fit a size 10 most comfortably. Start your bids at £0.99.

Another one of my favourites, especially for autumn/winter, is this Forever 21 Floral Mini Skirt. I bought it in the States last summer and literally forgot I had it. It will fit a size 10 perfectly and looks good with an autumn coloured blazer (I know this because that is how the mannequin was dressed in store!) Wish I had clothes to wear with this :( Start the bidding at £0.99

This Purple Jersey Skirt from Topshop is great to pull on over a bikini on your holidays. I bought it about a year before I went on my next holiday though, so by the time I was next by the beach my style had changed. If I was to wear it I'd probably go with a plain white t-shirt, a pale denim boyfriend shirt and a pair of white pump shoes. The skirt would be most comfortable for a size 10. And you've guessed it... the bids start at (any guesses?) £0.99

My boyfriend nearly died when I emptied my carboot into his house telling him I had 'a few bits to sell on eBay' bless him! He literally stood with his hand over his mouth shaking his head saying, 'Are you selling on eBay or moving in???' (which I should discuss with him really because he shouldn't be so concerned about that concept really... but that's a topic for another blog post entirely!) And yet, I knew I had to get rid of these things, so please if you can help take them off my hands in any way it would be really much appreciated! Each of the items are in very good condition (I take good care of my clothes... they are my babies!) and they are all clean. Also, if you decide to purchase any of these bits on eBay please send me pics of you wearing them because I'm really interested to see how you would style them up! This is my first ever eBay selling experience, so let's make it a good one...

Have you had much luck selling on eBay in the past? Can you think of a more profitable way of getting rid of unworn clothes? Do you see anything you like here?

To buy, please click on any of the links above and please keep an eye out for my next Blog Sale blog post which should be up in about a week. Happy bidding!

Love and snuggles


  1. An eBay overhaul is perfect for pocket money, have you tried £5 a bag rummage sales? Amazing finds you can sell on, it's where vintage stores source their goodies.

    1. No way, that's such a good idea! I'll have to look into these £5 a bag sales. Do you know of any in particular? So sorry it took me so long to get back to you on this comment. No excuse :( Off to check out your page now...

  2. I love ebay cause you get some really unique stuff. Lovely post by the way.