Thursday, 29 November 2012

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, How Lovely Are Your Branches...

Call us crazy, but my family and I put up our Christmas tree on the 25th of November this year. We usually like to get it up (oo-er) on the first weekend of December, but as we're going on a weekend away to Brighton and London during that weekend and the following weekend is The Clothes Show, we just figured we'd rather get it up (and I repeat, OO-ER) sooner rather than later...

Usually we go for a really tall tree but this year we decided to go with a slightly shorter one as it usually stands beside our sofa which covers the bottom part. That means we're usually spending an extra £20 for the part of the tree we can't even see! This year, I chose a tree which must be a couple of feet at least shorter than we would normally choose as I had an idea that we could stand it on a little table in the corner of our living room. Genius.

We have gone with the same colour scheme as last year as it matches our furniture, lampshades and curtains... So we got out our fairy lights, our purple and gold baubles, our sparkly gold snowflakes, the gold angel's hair and the all important gold star and set to decorating! Here's the end result:

Although putting the tree on a table was a good idea, my Mom didn't like how the table looked, so we draped a red and green table cloth over it at first. We've since changed this for a gold sheet because the table cloth didn't match.

This has all got me thinking... This time next year, although I'm sure I'll come home to help my parents and sister to put up their own tree, I should also be based in my own flat so I'll need to buy all new decorations and start from scratch. So I've been looking into colour schemes and creative ways of decorating trees and these are some of my favourites...

*This pink Christmas tree is so cute with gold decorations*

*I love the little parcel decorations on this tree... plus, the colours are so traditional*

*This white tree with multicoloured baubles is so unusual. I love it!*

Thick ribbon on a tree is such a classy idea x
*I'm so obsessed with ribbons on trees since seeing this picture*

*You almost can't even see the tree for candy canes and gingerbread men! It looks good enough to eat...*

My ex's Mom used to have a different Christmas tree in each room and the whole house always looked like Santa's grotto or something. When I get my own flat, that's how my home will be. Full of twinkling fairy lights, sparkly trees and warm Christmassy smells... It is going to be epic. And you're all invited.

Have you put up your Christmas tree yet? Which of these trees do you prefer the most? Have you ever made your own Christmas decorations? I have plans of making my own next year...

Love and snuggles

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