Sunday, 11 November 2012

Outfit of the Day: Growl Power

Good morning Star Shine!

So Friday is dress-down day at work, so each and every Thursday night I agonize over what might be appropriate and each and every Friday morning I throw on something that most likely isn't. Win some, lose some, eh? Anyway, this Friday just gone I panicked big-time as I'm selling a bunch of clothes very soon on eBay so I had a nightmare trying to find something in my newly-culled chest of drawers. Naturally, I rushed into my sisters room and pulled out the first thing I could find which happened to inspire the whole rest of my outfit... Here it is...

So I grabbed this Topshop fox jumper out of my sister's drawers and decided to go wild, literally. This is a skirt I got from Forever 21 last summer but I actually popped the bottom button off it when I got into the car after this photo was taken :( Maybe my granny can fix it. My gold and brown low-hanging pendant necklace is from Topshop (unsurprisingly) and my tights and boots are both Forever 21. Now, let's tackle the elephant in the room... my leopard-print coat was a bit of a random grab to be fair, I was rushing out of the house and realized how cold it was, so I reached under my bed and pulled this out. I'd forgotten I even had it and since I'm on a 'if-you-don't-wear-your-clothes-you-have-to-sell-them' kick I decided to bite the bullet and throw the H&M furry friend on. I've never looked back...

What do you wear for dress-down day? Would you dare wear leopard print? Is anyone any good at sewing buttons back onto skirts?

Keep an eye out for my upcoming blogsale...

Love and snuggles

ps. Apologies for using a Cheetah Girls song title in my post title... if I said I didn't love them, I'd be lying.

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