Saturday, 24 November 2012

Outfit of the Day: Christmas Fayre

Hello festive bunnies!

Here's a cute winter outfit for ya'll... Could have done with a scarf as I spent most of the day freezing my nick-nacks off but you know, we all get it wrong sometimes...

I always love to get excited about Christmas far too early and this year has been no exception! My family decided to throw together a Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday and ever since then I'm in a really super-festive mood, so it was rather convenient that my old school was running their annual Christmas fayre this weekend. My boyfriend, his mother and I threw on our gladrags (in my case, a red bodycon from Forever 21, my sisters Topshop Tinie Tempah vest, her Topshop coat, my navy Dorothy Perkins tights and my khaki Forever 21 booties) and braced ourselves for smashing the tombola...

And we did :)

We managed to get all of this for just £17!!!

Not bad eh? I think it will become a bit of a Christmas tradition to us as we probably won't need to buy another bottle of wine until the New Year... CLEARED UP :) One of these bottles was worth £10 from Morrisons and another was worth £7. Most of them were worth over £4 so we saved quite a wedge of money. Great success.

I have lots of blog-related Christmas plans so stay tuned over the festive season as I will be working hard to do regular posts.

Do you have any Christmas traditions? What have you been wearing in the colder months? Would you have hated us for winning most of the bottles on the tombola table?

Love and snuggles

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